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Cool Things I Sewed in March

I got to try so many ah-mazing ideas. I’m constantly trying to perfect my techniques and refine my sewing skills like everyone else who loves their craft and a part of that process for me is to try at least five different things I’ve never sewn before. This month was extremely productive in that regard.

The latest batch of prints I got in February is SWELL and however I use them the result looks so satisfying.

Here’s the stuff I made this month:

The “Been-There-Done-That” Stuff:

These are the things I’ve made a million times before.


Ah, yes. Everyone loves booksleeves. For some reason. Here’s the link to my first ever post about booksleeves.

Laptop Bags:

I make sure to do something different each time, no matter how small, even if nothing appears to be different. I know what I change and tweak.

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Boxed Pouches:

These look great, sure but I’ve begun to be less than fond of the process of making them.

Image may contain: indoor


I’ve made a single wallet in March but I enjoyed working with the contrasting black and white prints.

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Makeup Brush Case:

I added vinyl to it for the first time. None of my previous brush cases had vinyl and I don’t know why.

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The New and Cool Stuff:

These are the things I tried for the first time!

A Heart-Quilt Zipper Pouch:

Zipper pouches are for beginners. If you can’t install a zipper, you’re missing out on a whole new world of exciting projects. The “new” thing is the heart quilt. I’m not a quilter, I’ve done a total of, like, three, but this was the first official one I did. I’m still not overly enthusiastic about quilting but I do admit, it leads to some of the most incredible sewing art out there.

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The Harry Potter Mega-Organizer:

I did a whole post about this which only THREE people viewed. Or was it two? LOL.

A Unicorn Train Case:

Train cases have been on my mental “too-hot-to-sew” list for such a long time. It feels awesome to have finally sewn it. The final stages were torture but I’m glad it all worked out.

No automatic alt text available.

An iPad Case:

I made two, both different from each other. My biggest concern was what to insert inside it to make it stand and all. For this first one, I ended up using full panels of my old iPad cases. Tee Hee. For the second one I used this binder file thing and added foamic sheet to the front and back of every piece. It’s washable, thankfully. This second one is actually a Kindle Case/Stand.

No automatic alt text available.

Glasses Case:

Okay, so technically this is nothing new sewing-wise but I still consider it as such because I had never made a case for glasses before.

No automatic alt text available.

Heart Backpack:

Some of the instructions from the Sew Much Ado tutorial helped and it was definitely what inspired me but the pattern I made myself and the gusset part was completely different from that tutorial. Plus, my hidden seams method is also separate. I made this for a cousin’s kid. Super-proud of this.

No automatic alt text available.

Quilted Cassette Pouch:

Ah, yes! THAT. I made this literally from scratch, without proper measurements. THE most fun part was cutting out specific pieces from different fabrics. I absolutely LOVED that.

No automatic alt text available.

Mini-Backpack Coin Purse:

The smaller it is, the harder it gets. I even inserted lining inside it and that hook made it extra fancy-dancy. Me adorbs.

That’s it. I run this shop on Instagram called Wish Upon A Stitch

For the moment I only deliver in Pakistan but you can always check it out?

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