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Magic, dreams, wonder, chaos, epic tales and gobbledygook: Welcome to Saratopia!

Greetings, dear reader! Congratulations, for you have entered the sacred space that is A Gypsy Sorceress’s Library!

Extricate yourself from under that title and we’ll begin! In case you’re curious, yes, I did come up with that dumb name all by myself. I (may) have many strong suits, but as you can see by looking at this blog, subtlety isn’t one of them. I’ve been meaning to start up a blog for a while now. I was aiming at a sophisticated and chic looking space but what I ended up with resembles some kind of a messy witch’s den. I didn’t set this blog up, I straight up decorated it.

I guess it’s because I find it extremely difficult to leave white spaces. I first noticed it a while back when I was making cards. I made something in the middle of the card and left the sides untouched. It was insufferable. The next day I filled up all the corners with doodles. There wasn’t even a shred of white left. So there you go.

Now, what should I talk about in here? You’ll find an About page and a Contact page around here somewhere where I’ve described myself as coherently as I could. There are links at the bottom of the page that lead to other Social Media sites I use. So, um, yeah, there’s that.

The first thing I should get into is explaining ‘what-is-what-and-why-is-it-so-annoying-here’. I was reading, actually, I’m still reading, The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy while adding widgets to this blog and in that book Apollo has a really vexing talking arrow from a sacred grove of trees that speaks in Shakespearean. So that gave me the idea to write every widget title in Old Speak. Admit it, it’s hilarious.

I mean…

What is this blog going to be about?

I might have mentioned that I have a passionate love for books? Starting a book blog crossed my mind but I feel that it’s restrictive. Also, it is not the only thing that defines me or that I enjoy doing. I take up crafty projects from time to time and I’d love for the opportunity to discuss them. Plus, there are TV shows, movies and the general topics one might wish to discuss like ‘Why is the Sun so hot?’ or ‘Top 10 ways I’d like to die’. The point I’m trying (and failing) to make is that this will be an “All-in-One” kinda blog, it will NOT solely be about books.
You can expect book reviews, reviews of TV shows I like, the craft project I am working on, stuff about my family or anything really.

I guess that’s it! So welcome to A Gyps-, you know what? I’m not gonna repeat that. Just welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Sara (without an ‘h’ which is always cooler)


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