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2 thoughts on “Stalk me, please.

  1. Who are you? lemme ask ya again, who the heck are you? Me? The other me? Because buddy, I swear on my all of my English literature books that I treasure to death, that you are not the only one who finds Urdu novels stereotyping more than they are supposed to. I mean, for God sake, I mean, the plot, the character development is always the same. Mundane, but all hypes and spices. God, before I discovered the world of English literature (it’s not like I don’t find them annoying, in my opinion, Shakespeare wasn’t that great. Anyway), I used to love urdu novels to death. I mean, starting from Akhbar-e-Jahan, just like you, I used to read everything I laid my eyes on, but well,.. honestly, I grew up to figure.. something was missing in it. The spirit, the freedom and an actual plot of a fiction sir… God, how I can’t stand them anymore. I have my shelf full of urdu novels, but today I realized, I found myself enjoying more men’s scripts than women’s. Because let’s face the ugly truth, we are more backward than we should be. Instead of giving the female lead some goals and wings to fly, the damn hero and his handsomeness just wouldn’t stop getting into the way and blind our dear, gullible, innocent female lead.

    Wait, I’m ranting..

    Oh forgive me for that, just wanted to say I loved your reviews on the books I read and Gosh, we sailed the same boat. I mean, I could feel ya buddy, especially how I could relate to you in many parts and your childhood reading experiences. You know the reader on his way to a dreamy world of books. In short, great reviews buddy, And sorry if you find anything offending, just couldn’t stop ranting anyway.

    Also, if you can recommend me some fun big family with loads of couple novel (Urdu of-course) please email me. I would love to hear from you.

    Thanks and sorry.

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    1. Mama, mama, look! I made a new friend.
      I swear I read this right after you posted it but I just couldn’t reply right away. Stuff happens.
      There is nothing offending in this sweet message. ZILCH.
      Recommendations? Have you read Nemrah Ahmed?! READ ALL OF HER BOOKS. I may be a little biased but her work is promising and also unusual. Umera Ahmed’s too. Farhat Ishtiaq is also good but not as great as the other two. A recent favorite writer is Sumaira Hameed. Her Yaaram is BAE. I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t read Aab-e-Hayaat so that’s the one I’ll be reading next and also that Aangan one they’re making a drama on.
      There is so much potential in our writers, I say that because its true but they lean towards the popular demand: shaadi-centered stories. Makes sense since 70% of the digest reading population is married women (that percentage is guesswork) But there is only so much of this you can take. We have high expectations probably because we have exposed ourselves to English literature which is incredibly wide-ranged.
      Boy, am I glad you relate to what I feel. It’s nice, knowing that someone out there agrees with you.
      Are you on Goodreads or Instagram? Add me there so we could talk more!!!

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