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The Harry Potter Mega Organizer

It was actually The Harry Potter Mega Ultra Super-Awesome Rad-tasticly Creative Organizer but I feared that the sheer humility in it would put people off.

The backstory goes something like this: I had been using a zipper pouch for my receipts and tags and cards and shit and it was full to bursting. I’d been meaning to try a new idea for an organizer which has these sort of pages, if you will. I toyed with the idea of using different fabrics for the inside but then my thoughts turned to Harry Potter, as thoughts have a way of doing. My motto in life:

“Everything eventually leads to Harry Potter. Never fight it.”

Glad that bit of wisdom is out of my system. Dude, that rhymed.

So, I thought why shouln’t I just make it Harry Potter themed? And I went to Pinterest and got myself a headache. So many ideas in one place. It all slowly came together and while I’m proud of it. There are certain things that didn’t turn out like I wanted them to.

My biggest regret is adding interfacing. Always, I always do this. Attach lots of it everywhere and then it bulks up and it’s murder to sew after that. It’s a lesson I refuse to learn. Eurgh.

That was me when I had to struggle to put it all together at the end.

Here it is:

This is the Marauders’ Map. I bought this book box two years ago that was Cursed Child themed. It had a wand and a scarf and a bunch of bookmarks and stuff. This was that scarf. I didn’t think I was going to use it, like EVER so I cut it and applied interfacing and made it into this.

The front and the back is a full piece, there was a piece of the “Messers Moony…” bit on either side, I cut that up and made it into pockets, otherwise it would have been impractically ginormous. It’s wide enough as it is.

I’m pretty proud of that elastic binding I made, FYI.

Now, here’s the thing: it seems all nice and easy in theory but once you actually start, the harsh truths of life come crashing down. Like the fact that I had to separately assemble each page piece and figure out which to attach to each and what will be on the top and what will go on the bottom and… you get the idea.

These are the first two ‘pages’.

This is the section I cut out from each side of the main map piece. I had to attach these two together first, if you see closely there’s a stitch line in the middle of the title of the map.

Then I cut these strips from scrap pieces and sewed them together to make the Gryffindor background. The Ravenclaw pocket came from a zipper pouch from another  Harry Potter book box I got last July. I had been using it as a money pouch but when I started doing this, it had to go. Ehehee.

Now, these two pages aren’t attached together. Rather, the first page is attached to the very last page and these two make the inside of the map main piece. Then, this house page is attached to another one which is the second last page. These two make the bottom piece of the third and fourth pages. I can guarantee no one understands this. Okay, let’s move right on.

These are the third and fourth pages. These were attached to each other to make a complete panel.

I used a permanent marker for the doodles and then ironed the fabric to set the ink. This blue pocket was the back of that zipper pouch. RIP that pouch.

The other page is London-themed. No need to say more. I used vinyl so the design would be visible. Also, I didn’t do very sophisticated pockets because I just have to stuff things inside, the different types of things will be separated, hence the ‘organized’ bit and the pockets are big enough so that they’ll hold a lot more than one measly pouch did for a year. Seriously, I love that pouch (I made it, it was orange) but there was no way for me to keep things separate and whenever I had to fish something specific out it was a menace.

Last two pages!

These are the closest I came to a Harry Potter themed fabric in the local market. The right one has always been one of my favorites, it’s got a bunch of things that make for a perfect hp mashup print: coat of arms, keys, the colors, the snake/owl/lion hybrid creature. The seal is actually a piece of foam sheet.

Here’s how I attached them:

  • The Marauders’ Map title page  with The Hogwarts Letter page (first panel)
  • The Gryffindor/Ravenclaw page with The Stag page (second panel)
  • The doodle page with The London page (third panel)
  • Then I attached the main map piece with the first panel.
  • The second panel with the third panel.
  • And finally, laid this second+third atop the map+first and stitched a line in the middle. This was torture because of the bulk.

Aaaaand that is it. I did it!

The things we do for the love of Harry Potter, eh?





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Haalim Episode 11: وقت کے اس پار – Review


Nemrah Ahmed struck again, this time, with feeling.


I really want to find something to complain about here. About the fact that they went home nice and easy. Except that they didn’t go home nice and easy. It took four months. They planned, they schemed, they rose above and now they’re back. HOLY COW.

We should have seen this coming, it was all there. Saying this was clever would be the understatement of the year since everything about this book is clever and sneaky. I just didn’t expect it to hit me like it did. It was sad, man, made all the more strong and astonishing by the fact that for the first time in a long time, I felt myself warming up to Faateh. That poor soul.

My absolute favorite moments were the Taliyah Faateh moments: the scene in the prison cell, in the jungle right before they went through the Gate and at night in Sun Bao’s courtyard. It is indeed very lonely at the top.

The email he wrote to Adam was so full of emotion. I felt his desperation as he wrote those words, especially concerning Taliya. It was like a drowning man grasping for straws. He never would have admitted this otherwise but just on the verge of his impending loss, he let himself feel and admit. Strained and stilted personal relationships, lack of support from someone he needs the most, knowledge of Aryana’s gruesome death, keeping that secret from his wife, the burden of leadership, the struggle of achieving his goals, it all caught up as he confessed that yes, he does need someone with him, by his side and he wants it to be Taliya. The paper marriage wasn’t as easily breakable as he thought. Predictable, yeah, but not without meaning.

And I also felt his guilt towards Adam. He knew Adam had begun to have feelings for Taliya and so he kept himself a little distant from Adam. He tried to make it up to him by sending him the email and asking him to keep the two of them safe, just like he asked Taliya to do the same. This entire situation touched my heart and finally melted the ice around it when it came to Faateh. How long it will last, I don’t know.

It was a noble thing he did but it eventually served him too, like he said, he needs to forget all this if he’s to become KL’s present Bandhara.


This is my favorite quote in the whole episode because I feel strongly the truth of this, always have.

This was an episode full of emotion. It was heart-warming in a way it has never managed to be before. Taliya and Adam’s repartee, her personal moments with Faateh, all three together again, I loved it all. I obviously didn’t know that they were gonna go back but as it became imminent I realized the atmosphere was perfect and foreboding from the beginning.

No way do I believe that this is it. I’ve said it time and again, Nemrah Ahmed’s protagonists are inhumanly cunning. If there is a way to restore Faateh’s memories, Taliya will find it. They are going to back at some point for sure. Besides that, a man as tactical as Faateh will have thought of something. If he wrote an email to Adam, he had the whole night to himself, perhaps he wrote some to himself and timed them too? Also, and this just came back to me all of a sudden, Adam’s mother at one point said something about his Uncle having the gift of vision like Taliya? That will come up too.

It’s a testament to the glorious development in this episode or should I say, this story that despite hating everybody’s guts two episodes ago, I feel protective and fond of them all. I disliked Adam for the fool he was being, I ship him and Taliya now. I loathed Faateh and his attitude, I ship him and Taliya now AND I’ve begun to like him. It’s a 50/50. DAMN IT.

This episode made me connect with Faateh more than before. The extent to which high ambitions and dreams cost a person became painfully apparent. He had no one else to lean to for strength and support so he thought he had become impervious to it, Faateh needs no one else, he repeated it again and again and almost started believing it. Then he finally found someone strong and smart and willingly giving that support, only to lose them again.

Buddy, I’m here. I see you.

My Rating: 5/5


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Books Read in February & March TBR

NINE books. I read NINE BOOKS in February.

In chronological order:

Robots Vs Fairies:


Naturally, it was irresistible. However, the stories were less than satisfactory. Every author tried to bring both technology and fae in their stories, some had only one of the two but every author was either Team Fairy or Team Robot.

The Starlit Wood:


Picked right after Robots Vs Fairies because it was advertised at the back and another anthology sounded good. Let me tell you something, it’s hard to like or understand a retelling when you don’t even know the original. The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage? What. the. fuck? 80% of the authors went for unheard of fairytales which killed it for me.

Apex (Hunter # 3):


This was a entertaining trilogy, there’s a lot of humans-with-magic versus Fae-from-another-dimension battles but I felt that it lacked grandness of scale and ingenuity in plot. Three books and the fighting is all that happens. Still, highly entertaining.

Quests For Glory (School For Good and Evil – Camelot Years # 1):


I LOVED it! After Good Vs Evil and Boys Vs Girls I didn’t think Soman Chainai would come up with something as amusing, he did but it’s more serious and mature this time. It was very exciting and I didn’t once feel that this new series was unwarranted.



This was my first Manto and despite being dry and tedious and a bit nosy, I found it fascinating.

Sightwitch (The Witchlands # 0.5):


This is a very confusing world, and while I originally wanted a full length book, this novella provided ample backstory.

Immortal Reign (Falling Kingdoms # 6):


Ah, disappointments, disappointments. I had genuinely grown to love this series but this last book was the height of pointlessness.




I loved this book so much. Aliens, new planets, tombs, spaceships, other things, SPACESHIPS, doom, portals, SPACESHEEEEEEEEPS!!!!

The Ancient Magus’s Bride Vol. 5:


Okay-ish. Nothing special.

March TBR

I’ve already read Iron Gold (Red Rising # 4) by Pierece Brown and I’m currently reading To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo. Books I really, really want to read hopefully this month are:

  • The Shape of Water
  • Batman: Nightwalker
  • Tess of the Road
  • Want
  • A Conspiracy of Stars
  • The Final Six
  • Gods, Monsters and the Lucky Peach



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Gypsy Diaries Entry VI – February 2018

I’ve officially begun to regret starting writing these posts. Whoooooo cares? Even I don’t need an online log, I already have a calendar journal type thingy on which I record almost EVERYTHING, using only two pages, I might add. I’m paranoid about running out of space, as in first filling a journal then running out of space to write, then finding another journal to write in and filling that, then eventually filling so many journals that they take up all the space and I can no longer keep them and have to get a bigger cabinet, a bigger room, then a bigger house then a separate library… and so it goes. I think that every time I’m using a piece of paper. So I guess this is a good thing? Even if I lose my journals or have to throw them away for more space, at least I’ll have these posts to return to. Until I run out of space here too. Wait, can that happen?!


  • February was fantastic in terms of reading! I read NINE books. Whoop whoop!
  • I got more fabric for my shop, it was all SUBLIME.
  • My cousin with her army of daughters came to visit. It was fun. Even hobbits feel lonely sometimes. We went to my sister’s, the little cupcake that is her youngest son was being his usual cupcake self and I was gushing all over the place.
  • Winter was never here so it’ll be pointless to say that it went.
  • I was a bit bummed about not getting a lot of orders last month, for me a lot is ten but February was better in comparison.
  • 14 February was the worst day of the month. There was a lot of rage, pain and existential crisis that night which is ironic. It had nothing to do with the significance of the day though.

Despite being the shortest month of the year, it had packed a lot for me.

March, please be good to me.

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The Ancient Magus’s Bride: Episodes 13 – 17 Review

Here’s a general rundown of the episodes I watched this month:

Episode 13: “East, west, home’s best”

First and most importantly of all, WHAT THE TRUCKING HELL WITH THE NEW THEME SONG?! Why, oh, why do these people change a perfectly beautiful theme to a disastrously horrendous one? They did it with DeathNote and they did it to this show. WTF. They ruined it. DESTROYED. THIS IS SACRILEGE. I FRICKIN’ HATE IT.

Now, the episode:

  • A lot of sweet Elias and Chise moments. Though, sometimes, when he picks her up it feels a tad unnecessary.
  • Those sheep thingies were so CUTE.
  • I like how little by little they’re both expressing themselves in front of each other.
  • This episode was great in terms of relationship development and eventful besides.

Episode 14: “Looks breed love” 

  • It’s funny how Elias always takes care to mention that Chise shouldn’t exert too much magic being a Sleigh Beggie and all and then when someone needs help he just casually steps aside and LETS her do everything.
  • I liked how Joel’s tale came to a close. Tying ends is a good thing.
  • Also, that weird Pokemon dude showed up outta nowhere just to mess with Elias. WTH. People like these make me hurl.
  • True to tradition, this episode ended with Chise and blood. She either goes missing, or gets stabbed or vomits blood…
  • Hello? Where is Ruth? He exists, you know.

Episode 15: “There is no place like home”

  • Aaaaand we’re back to the realm of the fae where you’ll find people with suck-tastic medical techniques and queens with sentient tits.
  • I liked only two things about this visit: a) time passes slowly in fairy land than human land. b) If a human stays in the land of the fae, he/she ends up becoming more fae like. That’s it. I hated the doctor and the stupid queen who’s in desperate need of a bra and her stupid husband.
  • Silver’s past was a little sad and I’m glad for the peek we got. She talks after all.

  • Hellloooooooooo? Ruth, you there?

Episode 16: “God’s mill grinds slow but sure”

  • This was fun, sure but the fact that Alice had no one to call but Chise seemed weird to me.
  • Now we got a look inside Alice and Renfred’s past which was cool.
  • I kinda want to see that demented child-man now. He’s been gone since Ruth’s introduction.
  • Chise and Elias’s kisses. LMAO.
  • Ruth, O Ruth? Where you at, bro?

Episode 17: “Look before you leap”

  • Pokemon freak back at it again with his lame and hateful games, messing with people for no good reason. Not amused.
  • Since Chise’s ring broke, Angelica made her a magic reduction bracelet. Which is gonna break too and Chise is gonna vomit blood and then they’re gonna go to fae realm again.
  • The teddy bear-crystal flower thing was pretty clever, I’d give Elias that.
  • Oh, there you are Ru-




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Haalim Episode 10: صنم تراش – Review

I’m feelin’ it. Oh, YEAH BABY!

I was very nearly tired of this story, I was growing uninterested and indifferent. Mujhe naheen pata, jo karna hai karo, were my sentiments reading the last episode. This is so much of a step up, not only is my interest completely restored it’s also been multiplied tenfold. It’s a dhoop chaaon ka aalam, with me and this book so far.

The little things in this episode, man! It was eventful from the start and there was a generous helping of small-scale jaw-dropping moments throughout. I’m just so happy with where this episode went and how it went there. Several amazing developments, character-wise and plot-wise.

Okay, so first of all we learned why Adam doesn’t have the seal of time on the back of his neck: only the people who’ve used the key have that seal.

The undercurrent theme of the episode was the importance of having a strong sense of self-worth and self-esteem and that resonated with the title of the episode splendidly. Taliya and Adam had both idolized someone, had carved a statue of that person in their minds. The former used disguises to hide her true self and the latter always admired someone too deeply who had what he didn’t. Low self-esteem, both of them.

Faateh, however, was on the other side of this equation. He was always the one being admired. He was always the one people erected imposing statues of in their minds. And it was a HECK YEAH moment for me when Taliya responded to her making the change in Bangara Ya Malayo. The stuck-up peacock was so used to being idolized that it hurt his royal highness’s self-esteem when his credit was given to someone else.

There was theme also had Nemrah Ahmed talking about harassment, victim-shaming, the abuse of power and the usual political lessons like what an Economic Hitman is and how generation after generation of a country pays which were a touch more intriguing than usual. I’m learning more and more about politics through this book than I ever did.

Going to the more alarming side of things, I did not just see two things happening so fast, if at all:

  • Taliya and Faateh’s marriage. They’re going to come up with some insanely clever scheme to evade the situation, I kept thinking. The did not and it was with disturbing ease and lack of protest that it happened.
  • Adam’s warm fuzzy feelings for Taliya. Even though he didn’t say it aloud to himself for our benefit, it was loud and clear and I, who was a moderate Taliya and Faateh shipper, was horrified. I thought I didn’t care about Adam but I did.

Adam’s role was more prominent than usual. He wasn’t the resident fool in this, thank God. For once I enjoyed his and Taliya’s bickering.

I won’t say sinister, but definitely an unpleasant aspect of Faateh’s personality became clear: he’s selfish. He wants freedom, his freedom, above all else. Yes, he wants to free the slaves and yes, he wants the kingdom to not be indebted for generations but that’s the inherent leader in him talking. He has lived by basking in admiration and respect and that’s what he wants which is why he confronts Murad. He’ll never not think like a politician, always finding ways to bypass and navigate tough situations. This is why he seems so stiff and unlikable to me.

Who knew Murad cared about his daughter, eh? I certainly didn’t. And for the record, I’m not worrying about what Faateh said at the end. We know at this point that the history is different from what actually happened AND that Taliya goes back to the present. One curious thing, though. Since Adam is writing the book he has to be there to record everything. As such, how long are they going to stay in the past for his book to be complete? Like, OMG are they stuck for years or does some other Adam take over or is the book really short or something. It’s a school text book in the present day so it won’t be too bulky, I presume? We shall see.

Bless, Winona Ryder, her priceless reactions imitate my feelings about this episode to perfection:

Everything. Her face says everything.

My Rating: 5/5

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Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

Woohoo. It’s lil’ ‘ol me again. With a book tag. Rejoice.

Beauty and the Beast? Who doesn’t love Beauty and the Beast? I certainly do and have always done. So, dudes and dudesses, I present to you a B & B themed book tag! Disclaimer: I didn’t create it.

Let two and a half hours of intense wracking-your-brain-to-think-of-answers begin!

P.S: Harry Potter is automatically excluded because that never gets anyone anywhere.


a) A villain you can’t help but love:

Two answers:

  • Levana from The Lunar Chronicles: I don’t love her, rather, I love reading about her. Fairest was disturbingly addictive.
  • Hester Shaw from The Mortal Engines: She’s more of an anti-hero. She constantly skirts the boundaries of good and evil but I love her.

b) A book everyone loves but you don’t:

I can think of three right now, there may be more:

  • Heartless by Marissa Meyer
  • Wintersong by S. Jae Jones
  • Carry On by Rianbow Rowell

Seriously, I DO NOT understand the deal.


Your favorite One True Pairing (OTP):

LOL. There are so many and I’ve never been able to pick one I like the most. This answer is completely random: Sophie and Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle.


a) A character who is destined for greater things:

Joyeaux Charmand from the Hunter trilogy is the best candidate that comes to mind. She’s sharp, level-headed, rational and just makes sense.

b) A book you bought for its beautiful cover that’s just as beautiful on the inside, too:

A Darker Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab. SWOON.


A loyal sidekick you can’t help but love more than their counterpart:

It’s more of a fifty one – forty nine: Jean Tannen from The Lies of Locke Lamora. There is zero question about him being lovable. He is freaking GOALS as a friend. I definitely love him a fraction more than Locke.


A book that helped you through a difficult time or really taught you something:

No book has ever helped me in a difficult time because, praise be to the Lord above, I’ve never fallen upon one. The book that really taught me to have more confidence in myself and my choices was Jannat Kay Pattay by Nemrah Ahmed.


a) A book that made you hungry:

The earliest book I remember with the most delicious food descriptions was The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh. I don’t like that book a lot.

b) A fictional character you’d love to have over for dinner:

Percy Jackson because of his delightful presence (I’d make sure everything is blue and we would both revel in sarcastic jokes) or Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows just to make him more uncomfortable than he usually is around people. He would be uneasy but I would totally love it. Tee Hee.


Opposites attract:

Imama Hashim and Salaar Sikandar from Peer-e-Kamil. Attract? Boy, did they ever.


a) A character who is more than they appear:

Okay, two answers, again.

  • IT from IT by Stephen King. See what I did there? Aren’t I disgustingly clever?! That was a more literal interpretation of the question. So:
  • The model answer, the most fitting one would have been Snape but no Harry Potter. I’m going with Shrike from The Mortal Engines. *sob*

b) A book or series that you weren’t into at first but picked up towards the end:

The Red Rising trilogy. Yeesh. It escalates.


A book you picked up because of the hype:

Some of them are purely by intuition and my own choice and are underrated but most series I pick up are hyped. Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes is one of many.


A book or moment that always makes you cry:

The ‘always’ suggests that I re-read. I don’t re-read. But Yaaram by Sumaira Hameed was brutal for my mind and soul.


A popular theme, trope, or setting you will never get tired of reading:

Fantasy. Always. Keepin’ it broad.

I mixed up two different Beauty and the Beast tags into one. Neither was created by me. Feel free to do this if you want to.






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Yeh Raha Dil’s First Birthday!

The anniversary of it’s first episode, that is. Because I’m sure as heck gonna do a last episode anniversary too. That would be it’s first Deathday, eh? Anyway, who knows what I’m talking about? Probably no one. Is that going to stop me? No, sir.

Allow me to illuminate: Yeh Raha Dil is (or was *sob*) a Pakistani television show that started airing last year February 13th. It was a romantic comedy, the name translates to “Here Is My Heart” in English. The End.

No, but it made its mark on me. I loved it SO much, all 26 episodes. We don’t have seasons here. 97% of the shows run for 25-30 weeks at most. DEVASTATING. I wrote this long-ass post when it ended in August last year, interested folks click here.

Meet BAEs:

BAE # 1: Hayaat

Cute AF, independent, headstrong, brave, wise, infuriating, kind, the list goes on…

BAE # 2: Zaki

Cute AF, spoiled brat, patient, kind, tolerant, loving, filled-with-mush, confused, indecisive and caring.

Together, they make the “Ship of Feels”. BEHOLD:

I LOVE YOU ZAKI! *shoves Hayaat aside*


BAE # 3 & 4: Haroon & Afaaq

Cute AF, adorable AF, huggable AF, together they make the most darling dadster duo I’ve ever seen.

Their wives, meh, not so much.

BAE # 5: Nida

Ah! She was so much more that all of us expected. Respect.

Funnily enough, when I started watching it, it was already 7 episodes in. Then I binge watched the previous ones and had the absolute best time in a long time. And then began the torture that is waiting a week for an episode.

I made this stupid little spread thingy sometime after, which I am proud of by the way. I’m no expert at that sort of thing so I was pleased when it turned out to be better than expected.

Ah, the things fangirls do for their fandoms…

Even if you don’t understand Urdu, please listen to the OST of the show. It’s the title track with the preview of the show. It’s melodious and beautiful.

Yeh Raha Dil OST

I wish Yumna and Ahmed Ali would work together again!

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I Know What I Meme, I Meme What I Want – IV

Hello, and welcome to the fourth edition of god-awful and lame memes. There is a reason I only do this once a month.

My inspiration for this particular set is Stranger Things since I recently watched both the seasons. Some of these may have Urdu words.

The mom radio broadcasts a variety of transmissions like “13 Reasons Why You Are The Worst Spawn Ever”, “Baby, You’re Useless” and “What The Neighbors Did Today” to name a few. It’s also non-stop, free of cost and is guaranteed to lower your self-esteem the more you listen to it.

I’m sure there are many more. I’ve only ever encountered the fourth kind.


This is a true story.

Actually, that was me the day before yesterday. Life loses all meaning suddenly.

Mercifully, that is all.


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The Hungry City Chronicles by Philip Reeve – Overview

I did one Underrated Series post before (it was Septimus Heap) and this is essentially another of that kind. The Hungry City Chronicles, the Mortal Engines Quartet or the Predator Cities Quartet is a tetralogy, the four books being:

  • Mortal Engines
  • Predator’s Gold
  • Infernal Devices
  • A Darkling Plain

I heard about this series when I read that Peter Jackson was doing the first film. I jumped headlong into the first book then. I do that when I find out that a book is being made into a film. It was good. I mean, really, seriously good. I was intrigued and so I continued on and I wasn’t disappointed.


The books are set 1000 years in the future where after a devastating nuclear war called the Sixty Minute War the world has entered the age of “Tractionism”. Whole cities on wheels.

“It was natural that cities ate towns, just as the towns ate smaller towns, and smaller towns snapped up the miserable static settlements. That was Municipal Darwinism, and it was the way the world had worked for a thousand years, ever since the great engineer Nikolas Quirke had turned London into the first Traction City.”

There are Anti-tractionists, those who oppose such settlements, and live on the ground. The war between Tractionists and Anti-tractionists is the major plot line in all four books.

Fascinating, eh? It was unusual and odd, delightfully weird and also morbid. I’d been looking for a proper way to describe the tone of these books and yesterday while reading a review I came across the perfect description: “the series has one foot rooted firmly in middle-grade while other foot in YA”.

I literally couldn’t have said it better. This is one of the things about these books that baffled and took me by surprise EVERY damn time. One second it was all funny and silly and childish while at the other it was SLASH BOOM KILL. It fluctuates between the two themes so while you have your guard down and think that nothing is going to happen you get sucker punched with something absolutely VICIOUS. This series is dark and it constantly tricks you into thinking that it isn’t.

It’s steampunk. The technology is far less superior to our own and CDs and phones and cars are things of history long forgotten. The steampunk vibe of the books adds more to the uniqueness of the tone.

Main Characters:

Hester Shaw and Tom Natsworthy are the two main protagonists of the books. The story stretches for a lengthy period of time, almost fifteen years so while new and young characters come into the fray, the old ones still stay and carry the story forward.

Tom used to be in the Traction city of London, he was an apprentice historian and he loved his job but one day after London eats a small mining town, a scavenger named Hester Shaw comes aboard and tries to kill the most important man in the city. They’re both thrown overboard. They have many adventures together and eventually fall in love. In the first two books they are fifteen, in the next two they are in their early thirties.

Now, I never warmed up to Tom. He was a nice enough person but he was extremely gullible and ignorant and kind of a weakling. My major reason for disliking him stems from a number of his actions regarding Hester. While Hester loved him too much, it seemed, he never loved her enough. Without spoiling anything, there’s one important thing about Hester that contributed to his behavior but I didn’t gave him a leash because of that, cause love is supposed to be beyond everything! You’ll understand better once you read the books.

Hester was ferocious, vicious and stern. There were certain times she was despicable but most of the times I loved her and wanted the best for her. She kicks ass and takes names.

The best thing about this series is that everything comes full circle eventually. Minor things that you ignored in the first book or the second book will pop up eventually and play a very surprising part in the overall plot. It’s neat, is what it is.

I’m not doing it justice with this pitiful essay but it’s something that simply has to be read. It’s a roller-coaster ride of Final Destination proportions. HIGHLY recommended!