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The Ancient Magus’s Bride: Episodes 13 – 17 Review

Here’s a general rundown of the episodes I watched this month:

Episode 13: “East, west, home’s best”

First and most importantly of all, WHAT THE TRUCKING HELL WITH THE NEW THEME SONG?! Why, oh, why do these people change a perfectly beautiful theme to a disastrously horrendous one? They did it with DeathNote and they did it to this show. WTF. They ruined it. DESTROYED. THIS IS SACRILEGE. I FRICKIN’ HATE IT.

Now, the episode:

  • A lot of sweet Elias and Chise moments. Though, sometimes, when he picks her up it feels a tad unnecessary.
  • Those sheep thingies were so CUTE.
  • I like how little by little they’re both expressing themselves in front of each other.
  • This episode was great in terms of relationship development and eventful besides.

Episode 14: “Looks breed love” 

  • It’s funny how Elias always takes care to mention that Chise shouldn’t exert too much magic being a Sleigh Beggie and all and then when someone needs help he just casually steps aside and LETS her do everything.
  • I liked how Joel’s tale came to a close. Tying ends is a good thing.
  • Also, that weird Pokemon dude showed up outta nowhere just to mess with Elias. WTH. People like these make me hurl.
  • True to tradition, this episode ended with Chise and blood. She either goes missing, or gets stabbed or vomits blood…
  • Hello? Where is Ruth? He exists, you know.

Episode 15: “There is no place like home”

  • Aaaaand we’re back to the realm of the fae where you’ll find people with suck-tastic medical techniques and queens with sentient tits.
  • I liked only two things about this visit: a) time passes slowly in fairy land than human land. b) If a human stays in the land of the fae, he/she ends up becoming more fae like. That’s it. I hated the doctor and the stupid queen who’s in desperate need of a bra and her stupid husband.
  • Silver’s past was a little sad and I’m glad for the peek we got. She talks after all.

  • Hellloooooooooo? Ruth, you there?

Episode 16: “God’s mill grinds slow but sure”

  • This was fun, sure but the fact that Alice had no one to call but Chise seemed weird to me.
  • Now we got a look inside Alice and Renfred’s past which was cool.
  • I kinda want to see that demented child-man now. He’s been gone since Ruth’s introduction.
  • Chise and Elias’s kisses. LMAO.
  • Ruth, O Ruth? Where you at, bro?

Episode 17: “Look before you leap”

  • Pokemon freak back at it again with his lame and hateful games, messing with people for no good reason. Not amused.
  • Since Chise’s ring broke, Angelica made her a magic reduction bracelet. Which is gonna break too and Chise is gonna vomit blood and then they’re gonna go to fae realm again.
  • The teddy bear-crystal flower thing was pretty clever, I’d give Elias that.
  • Oh, there you are Ru-




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Yeh Raha Dil’s First Birthday!

The anniversary of it’s first episode, that is. Because I’m sure as heck gonna do a last episode anniversary too. That would be it’s first Deathday, eh? Anyway, who knows what I’m talking about? Probably no one. Is that going to stop me? No, sir.

Allow me to illuminate: Yeh Raha Dil is (or was *sob*) a Pakistani television show that started airing last year February 13th. It was a romantic comedy, the name translates to “Here Is My Heart” in English. The End.

No, but it made its mark on me. I loved it SO much, all 26 episodes. We don’t have seasons here. 97% of the shows run for 25-30 weeks at most. DEVASTATING. I wrote this long-ass post when it ended in August last year, interested folks click here.

Meet BAEs:

BAE # 1: Hayaat

Cute AF, independent, headstrong, brave, wise, infuriating, kind, the list goes on…

BAE # 2: Zaki

Cute AF, spoiled brat, patient, kind, tolerant, loving, filled-with-mush, confused, indecisive and caring.

Together, they make the “Ship of Feels”. BEHOLD:

I LOVE YOU ZAKI! *shoves Hayaat aside*


BAE # 3 & 4: Haroon & Afaaq

Cute AF, adorable AF, huggable AF, together they make the most darling dadster duo I’ve ever seen.

Their wives, meh, not so much.

BAE # 5: Nida

Ah! She was so much more that all of us expected. Respect.

Funnily enough, when I started watching it, it was already 7 episodes in. Then I binge watched the previous ones and had the absolute best time in a long time. And then began the torture that is waiting a week for an episode.

I made this stupid little spread thingy sometime after, which I am proud of by the way. I’m no expert at that sort of thing so I was pleased when it turned out to be better than expected.

Ah, the things fangirls do for their fandoms…

Even if you don’t understand Urdu, please listen to the OST of the show. It’s the title track with the preview of the show. It’s melodious and beautiful.

Yeh Raha Dil OST

I wish Yumna and Ahmed Ali would work together again!

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The Ancient Magus’s Bride: Episodes 6-12 Review

I’m loving this show right now. Not entirely obsessed with it but it is really good.

I haven’t kept up with the Manga after Volume 3 but now I will read the next one as soon as I can. Not comparing the two in this post as I did before. It’s too much work.

Episode 6: The Faerie Queene

After the whole cat fiasco Chise and Elias return but she’s spent a lot of her power so she passes out and remain so for two weeks. The faerie queen and her husband visit in the meanwhile.

  • I’m not really digging the magic system so far. There’s very little we know about it and each small bit comes after a week so you’ve already forgotten what little you were told.  I like being told straight up what is what and how and why and this isn’t happening here. I think at some point someone said something about why Chise is doomed to die because she is a Slay Vega or Sleigh Beggy I don’t remember now.
  • The queen had the most unfortunate boobs I have ever seen. They seemed to have a life of their own. It was extremely uncomfortable to watch and unnecessary as well. Eh. I guess people dig that stuff.
  • It was a rather boring episode.

Episode 7: Talk of the devil, and he is sure to appear


  • This episode was INSANE! Not only did we get to see that freak who screwed over Mathew and his wife, we also saw Yuris later named Ruth by Chise and the adorable bond between Renfred and his apprentice Alice.
  • Oh, and Elias’s true form as well. WHAT.
  • The premise was exciting and it ended with a huge LE GASP.

Episode 8: Let sleeping dogs lie

  • There were so many adorable things in this episode, all of them concerning Ruth. He belonged, I guess, to another girl who was killed by that man-child freak and used for his experiment. He considered her his sister and refused to let go when she died. So when he sees Chise he is struck by how alike they are. He asks to be Chise’s familiar.
  • I have no idea how Chise survived an IMPALEMENT.
  • So the freak tells Elias and co. why he does his experiments: he wants to find a way to stop his suffering? Which was something I don’t really understand. He’s lived for hundreds maybe thousands of years so it isn’t immortality he wants. Meh. Point is, he’s bonkers and potentially, the main villain.
  • These two episodes were one of my favorites.

Episode 9: None so deaf as those who will not hear

  • Another great and happening episode where Chise and Ruth have time to explore their bond. He is a cuddlymushbear by the way.


  • Elias can’t revert to his human-like shape after the events of the last two episodes so he stays in his room for days. Chise realizes that she isn’t as indifferent as she originally thought and misses him.
  • There were a LOT of people in this episode. The church priest, Angelica, a weird vampire fairy and the man she literally sticks with, a messenger from Lindel come to take Chise to the land of dragons again.
  • Angelica makes Chise realize that she’s being far too dependent on Elias and that was a good reminder. Not that she has a lot of choices but it was still something she needed to be aware of at least.
  • This leads Chise to break down in front of Elias and politely and tearfully demand answers. Obviously, he went with “gimme some time gurrrl”.
  • Now the fairy/vampire part. It expanded the magical world a little bit. Ruth played the protective big brother and told the fairy not to even touch Chise (and boy did she listen) and then he up and left! So Chise went inside the old man’s house, had tea, read his book and discovered that the fairy loved this man but he couldn’t see her yet still she stayed. This provided a parallel of sorts to Elias and Chise. But…

SO unnecessary…

I can literally pick put parts that are just there for sexual appeal and nothing else. A 99% naked fairy, ridiculous amounts of cleavage, and said fairy fondling a really old man while leaving nothing to the imagination being some of them.

Episode 10: We live and learn

  • This was boooooring. So Chise goes back to the land of dragons because Lindel wants her to make her own staff/wand when secretly he’s worried about her. Even the fact that we see how Elias met Lindel, it wasn’t really exciting.
  • The grand-daughter in question is Chise and the ‘he’ is Lindel. That was cute.
  • So Elias just showed up out of nowhere, remembering nothing except the color red, in his monster form and Lindel took him as his apprentice. He might have been a human before, turned into a beast by dabbing in dark magic, Lindel’s master suggests. And at some point, Elias has eaten humans. Interesting.
  • I love it when the animation turns goofy. I just love it.

Episode 11: Lovers ever run before the clock

  • Lindel continues on telling Chise about the time he spent training Elias. There’s an exciting encounter with a bunch of villagers when they see Elias and hurt Lindel. Elias freaks out and in his anger, almost kills them all.
  • Chise works on her wand/staff thingy and talks to Elias via magic. They’re just steps away from full on confessing their love but tend to draw it out whenever the moment comes.
  • Lindel: “I’m sure I’d be very tasty. But please don’t eat me.”
    Elias: “Uuuuuuuuh… I won’t.”
  • A good episode, better than the previous one at least.

Episode 12: Better to ask the way than go astray

  • I was getting a little tired of the Lindel/Dragons/Wand story line which had stretched to three episodes and I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like this one. But BOY! This one scene made up for it all! I loved those two minutes. I mean LOVED them so much I ended up rewatching it FIVE TIMES. That is a HUGE deal as I rarely rewatch. It was so epic! The music was awesome and the imagery was gorgeous!
  • Lindel adds the finishing touches to Chise’s wand and as soon as she touches it she’s transported to this realm(?) where she talks with that weird dead dragon again. She expresses her doubts, clears her head, gets a self-esteem boost and returns to the real world all confident-like. Then she uses her wand to transform herself into a fiery phoenix and returns home.

Then she faints, thereby not getting to the part where she tells Elias her “feelings”. Whatever, the phoenix scene makes up for EVERYTHING.

  • She dreams about a happier time of her childhood when her mother wasn’t suicidal, her brother was about to be born and her father was still there. Interestingly enough, both of her parents could see the fae creatures. Huh.

The title track of this show is so addictive even though I have zero clue about what it’s saying. It’s worth watching for sure.





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The Ancient Magus’s Bride – Episodes 4 & 5 Review


Episode 4: “Everything Must Have A Beginning”
Episode 5: “Love Conquers All”


Chapter 4: “Everything Must Have A Beginning”
Chapter 5: “Misfortunes Seldom Come Singly”
Chapter 6: “Curiosity Killed The Cat”
Chapter 7: “Love Conquers All”

My Rating: 4/5

That’s a two-part story in the anime and it gets quite chilly, actually. Right after the events of the last episode, after dealing with the Dragon issue, whatever that was, Chise is exhausted and so she passes out and wakes up on a train en route to their next task given by the Church. While she sleeps she dreams of cats and the episode just happens to be about cats.

  • Another magical aspect: cats having nine lives, the ability to talk and a king.
  • The Manga has Wizards vs Sorcerers while the Anime has Sorcerers vs Alchemists.
  • Everybody has their own opinions about Elias. While Angelica’s and Lindel’s were positive, the Alchemist/Wizard they encounter at the end of the fourth episode calls him “The Evil Magician”.
  • I read this somewhere, the Anime calls Chise “Sleigh Beggy” instead of Slay Vega. Which is considerably less cool-sounding.
  • In one scene Elias licks Chise’s neck cut. Now, two things: one, so that bone head moves. That’s the first time he did something with it. Two, this was intended as a gentlemanly gesture perhaps or to show how caring he is but I’m getting very mixed feelings with this. She is FIFTEEN for the love of God. AND she’s filled with distrust for people. One would think that treading with caution would be the wisest course of action around such a person. Elias just goes there. Sheesh.
  • The Alchemist/Wizard Renfred calls him “Pilum Murialis” which of course, I didn’t catch in the anime. The Manga shows the translation beneath in faded letters: the one that tears and eats castles. Fascinating…
  • Elias’s reasoning for pushing Chise into destroying the blight and not doing it himself was so shady. If it was the truth, it was lame. If it wasn’t, maybe it was a test of sorts.
  • The fifth episode was AH-MAZING. It scared the living shit out of me and yet, by the end of it, I was crying. CRYING, DAMMIT!

I enjoyed this story line a lot and though things keep popping up here and there seemingly randomly I see can it will all make sense eventually.


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The Ancient Magus’s Bride – Episodes 2 and 3 Review

I forgot to express how much I love the theme song of this show already. It is ETHEREAL. I kid you not. So dreamy and beautiful.  I’ve only listened to it twice and totally fallen for it. I wish there were subtitles to it so I could understand what the girl is saying. I’d have to google it.

Episode 2: “One today is worth two tomorrows.”

This was so good! I really liked it. There was a glimpse of Chise’s mother, a visit to a fellow mage and a visit from a friend.

  • Because of the hilarious thrashing he got from Angelica, his fellow mage, it was confirmed that Elias “Bonehead” Ainsworth was acting pretty weirdly. That scene was literally my favorite. Like, you’ve literally bought an emotionally unstable and potentially powerful girl and now you think it wise to tell her that she is to be your apprentice because she is special and that you are going to make her your bride. Sheesh, dude. Develop some tact.

  • The Manga calls her “Slay Vega” but I swear in the anime they say something like Slay “Beggie”.
  • Angelica explained a little about magic to Chise. Only, the explanations of the anime and Manga were different. In anime, she is told her that Sorcerers break the laws of nature to do things while Alchemists alter the laws. In the Manga, she differentiates between Wizards doing spells by understanding then altering the laws of nature while Sorcerers doing magic by borrowing it from the fae. This was confusing so it makes sense that they changed it in the show.
  • The Manga also had this hilarious scene where Chise asks if Angelica and Elias were lovers. His reaction was priceless.
  • The priest that visited Elias mentioned something about his “superiors” and giving Elias tasks as payback. That was interesting. I also find it hysterical that whenever he’s annoyed, he resorts to saying “Die”.
  • Also, when the animation gets goofy to show the characters’ funny reactions, I absolutely love it.

My Rating: 4/5

Episode 3: “The scale distinguishes not between gold and lead.”

Eh, this wasn’t that exciting. I mean, we are learning more about Mages and the world they live in and stuff but this episode was almost entirely about watching an almost dead dragon die. So, no, I didn’t find it that exciting.

  • Elias takes Chise to Iceland to run one of the errands for the priest I think. They are there to check in dragons. Chise is suddenly abducted by one. It turns out to be nothing serious as it’s Lindel, another acquaintance of Elias, who brings Chise to the land of the dragons.
  • Lindel is older than Elias who just happens to be 300+. Cool.
  • I just didn’t see the point of those endless minutes spent hallucinating with the dead dragon. There was a lot of nothing.
  • So, mages need wands, do they? Elias doesn’t have one as of yet. He was seen chanting two times and the other couple of times he didn’t even say anything. Angelica didn’t have a wand either, rather she took help from a water spirit. Maybe since mages use non-human sources to channel magic it’s different for everyone?
  • Another tantalizing bit from Chise’s past, the dragon mentions something about her “not jumping being a good thing”? No idea what that was. Presumably, she tried to commit suicide after her mother’s death. Oh, and her mother died in front of her and her father was still alive but she didn’t know where. That was in the second episode.

The Manga and anime do have differences here and there so I’ll be reading and watching side by side.

My Rating: 3/5

Have you seen this show? Let’s discuss!



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The Ancient Magus’s Bride – Episode 1 Review

About a month ago, my brother told me about this anime show he was watching. He explained the gist of the show and thought that I should watch it. What he said was interesting enough to pique my curiosity but I didn’t get to it immediately. A month later with virtually nothing for me to watch I finally gave in.

It’s called Mahoutsukai no Yome in Japanese which translates to The Ancient Magus’s Bride.

The story is about a young girl called Chise Hatori sold to a mage who goes by the name of Elias Ainsworth. He means to make her his apprentice since she happens to be able to see fae creatures and channel magic. And also, to make her his bride.

Now, here’s the fun part. This is what he looks like:

He’s one big dude.

My original intention was to read the Manga first. There are eight or nine volumes I think, while the show is on-going with about 8 episodes already aired. I read about 44 pages of the first volume after I watched the episode last night. The length had the entirety of the first episode so I’m guessing there are about 4 episodes in each volume.

And it was really good.

I’ll try to summarize without spoiling anything.

The first episode was mainly all about the Mage buying Chise and bringing her to his home. But there’s a lot there just waiting to be told.


  • Chise can see fae creatures and she is supposedly a very unique person called “Slay Vega”. People who attract the fae and are able to use magic through them. There were all sorts of magical and fantastical creatures in the episode including a mermaid, fairies and a bunch of others. There was also a gateway to the fae world so there’ll be more of that surely.
  • The world is modern, there was a shot of skyscrapers. Too modern, in fact, because slavery is accepted again. The “organization” Chise was bought from was seen housing all manner of creatures for sale.
  • There is a glimpse of her past, she was turned away from her own family then different relatives because she was “odd” until she was approached by the organization and she relented. I don’t think her being odd was the entire reason. She was fairly sane so I’m not sure what exactly happened to cause all those people to abandon her.
  • She is 15 and I found that quite disturbing. It’s a little suggestive, the first episode.
  • The mysterious Elias Ainsworth. I’m most excited to learn about his origins. Was he ever human?
  • I find his behavior toward Chise a little endearing, a little weird, the way he calls her “child” and “my puppy” (not unkindly) and pats her head and abruptly hugs her, and also a little disturbing because again, she is just fifteen and he’s quite possibly doing those things not only because she craves positive human interaction but also because he intends to marry her. His actions feel as if he doesn’t know how to behave around other people, though there is another maid in the house. Guess we’ll see.
  • He mentions a war after which Mages were distrusted. This bit made me remember Howl’s Moving Castle  where Howl fights in the country’s wars as the king or queen’s personal wizard.
  • The manga covered everything the episode did. I was able to catch things that went by too fast for me to grasp in the episode, otherwise it was 99% the same as the Manga. I still intend to read it all.

All I can say at this point is that I am suitably intrigued and will definitely see this through.

Rating: 3/5


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The Feel-Inducing Journey of Yaqeen Ka Safar


Compared to half of you cupcakes who’ve been bawling your eyes out over this show and creeping everyone with your super stalker level fangirling skills lately, I, me and myself had been following it since the very first episode. I was one of the very first Safarians! I called the apple meme thingy before the horde of screaming women descended, in my brain, had been saving it for this. And it breaks my heart that I won’t be able to do that without sounding like a copycat loser. By the Holy Right of Dibs it should have been mine to claim. I would have opened this post with that meme, had been planning it for months. Kabhi kabhi dil chahta hai kisi ka gala daba doon…

Magar khair, choren iss baat ko. I did a post after Yeh Raha Dil ended two months ago and I HAD to do it again now. I never truly realized how extremely LUCKY I was to get to switch to another great show after my absolute favorite one ended. And by switching I mean, paying attention to. It’s ironic how YKS and YRD provoked feelings opposite to their tones. Yeh Raha Dil was a happy, bubbly and feel-good drama but when it ended I was DEVASTATED and couldn’t even. Yaqeen Ka Safar was a sober and serious one but apart from the usual pang of sadness all I felt was absolute satisfaction when I watched the last episode last night.

And just in case you missed it, Zaki’s and Asfandyaar’s old home were one and the same. Let that sink in. Gaiti and Daniyal’s room was Zaki’s room. Matlab, a sign from the Heavens if there ever was one.

You want memes? I’ll give you memes.

Gumaan Kay Baad
Yaqeen Ka Safar
Nikalta Hai…

And it was literally a journey of faith for me. I remember seeing the promos and being quite surprised by the fact that Farhat had adapted this story into a play. I had read the book two, maybe three, years ago and while I could clearly recall loving it, the meat of the story, the details all forgotten, I also remembered that it was really short.

So I watched the promos and got to know the cast. Sajjal Ali is an old favorite but I don’t normally watch all of her work. Hira Maani is a new favorite and the same goes for her. Shaz Khan and Ahad Raza Mir I had never seen acting before. I guess, for me, it was mostly about getting to see how they took a book as short as “Woh Yaqeen Ka Neya Safar” and converted it into a drama. From an avid reader’s perspective, adaptations of favorite books are somewhat irresistible. It definitely wasn’t because of the leads, the cast WAS intriguing and fresh but like I said, I didn’t have much reason to believe that I would be blown away.

I think the rest of the fangirls will say LABAIK when I declare that I get attracted to shows because of their male leads. I mean, let’s face it, there are great actresses out there and we love them and all but this is how biology works. So you can probably imagine why, except for discovering novella-to-TV show transformation, I wasn’t too thrilled about seeing it.

I was like, “Hey, look! It’s that new guy with the Abida Parveen hair situation going on. Great.” The dude hadn’t been tried and tested and I really did not like the hair, except when it was tied in a bun. My perseverance was rewarded because LOOK AT THIS SPECIMEN:

Aik baar dekho. Hazaar baar dekho. YE DEKHNE KI CHEEZ HAI ISSE BAAR BAAR DEKHO.

Haye Amee Jee.

And not just this ’cause that came waaay after. He proved himself an exceptional performer in the very first episode. It doesn’t take long to figure out k kon kitne paani main hai. But again, it took some time for me to really get into it.

*Sigh* So, where was I? Yeah, the incredibly fascinating story of how and when and why I started watching Yaqeen Ka Safar (Ma blog, ma keyboard, ma rules). It was Thursday, the day after the first episode aired. Despite my reservations, I liked the look of the promos. I watched the first episode then and I enjoyed it very much. There was so much happiness and fun and sadness and emotion packed into those 40 minutes. I was 51% sold.

Over the next few weeks I faithfully followed the show and found myself more and more intrigued by it. There were a LOT of things of which there was no naam-o-nishaan in the book but I was pleasantly surprised by how perfect the filling-of-the-gaps and even the changes were. The most important thing for me was that the show carried the same essence and ambience the book had, which I LOVED. It’s something I got to see after the second half of the show which is where the book starts. That perfect pur-sukoon and pyaara mahol vibes had been captured perfectly.




Then came Ramazan and I stopped. I don’t know how many episodes had been aired by then. 7? 10? Basically, I had some catching up to do after. Those were the days when Yeh Raha Dil was at its apex. I forgot all about it for two or three weeks. YRD had taken over my life completely. When I finally sat down to watch YKS, I couldn’t stop. Binge-watched all I had missed in a day. BEST MENTAL ABUSE EVER. YAAYYYY.

I was a 100% sold by that time and then some. During the last two months of its run, it became too-hot-to-handle before my very eyes. I saw it thrive and grow popular like a proud mama. YEAH, SUCKERS. I WAS THERE BEFORE IT BECAME MAINSTREAM.

And you know what the best part about this was? I had someone to fangirl with in all Caps, someone to share the experience with instead of bottling it all up and feeling miserable. It sometimes get lonely here in the Shire. This wouldn’t have been the same without you, Kashi. You were legit the only one I discussed this with.

And since we’re on the subject, a big, huge, fat THANK YOU to all the vidders and edit-masters who made those awesome FEEL-filled collages and videos. They made the struggle and pain of waiting easier. I know I keep trying to prove my superiority above the rest but I promise I am only JOKING. We all have our ways to cope. Mine is being fake-petty and rude.

The show has been compared with Humsafar, Asfiya has been compared with the jori of Ashar and Khirad and Ahad Raza Mir has been compared with Fawad Khan. I agree with that. They are different actors, brilliant in their own ways and the comparison has nothing to do with their acting abilities. It’s because YKS reminded us of that time when Humsafar was ruling our hearts and minds. Ashar and Khirad’s romance has been taken to the next level by Asfandyaar and Zubiya and most importantly, Ahad’s “hero” had that magnetism and charm to which we were introduced to in Ashar.

In my lifetime, the foundations of the female fanatics have been utterly SHAKEN only twice: first, when Fawad Khan made us blush and stutter with those eyes of his in Humsafar.

And second, now, when Asfandyaar made us swoon. SLAYED our very EXISTENCE.

PT-HI-D, fellow Khawateen (and-and-I-hope-not Hazraat). Post Traumatic HORMONAL IMBALANCE Disorder.


Before I get to more coherent things, I must talk about something I did in my YRD post as well: the title card of our shows. Here’s the thing. OSTs? We have those down pat. If there’s an exam for composing the best soundtracks for dramas, I am a hundred percent sure we aced that a million years ago. I am not particularly fond of Yaqeen Ka Safar’s song but I have to admit it fits the show’s tone and message BEYOND perfectly and the lyrics are truly beautiful.

Main Tere Waqt Kay Hamraah
Chal Naheen Sakti
Keh Tera Waqt
Mujhe Rond Kar
Nikalta Hai

But I don’t know what happens with the posters of our dramas. The fonts are brilliantly done and the background is top-notch, it’s with the pasting of the characters where they all go horribly wrong. Most of them are exactly the same. Main leads facing opposite directions looking at the camera really seriously boringly. It DEFIES explanation. I want them to get creative, to have a little fun with the images. All they do is either look at the camera and squint or look at the camera and smile. That is the opposite of creative and fun. Consider the poster for Yaqeen Ka Safar, hain jee?!

Font: check. Barren and haunted looking trees: check. WHAT is the rest? The fact that I got used to it is irrelevant. I WANT the people responsible for this stuff to get more concerned and focused on making the title images more innovative and eye-catching. You know, something more dramatic, like the one Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat did for PNJG’s promotions.

And in case you were wondering, this is the illustration for the novella when it was published in the digest, another subject I’ve discussed before, another thing that rankles me.

Now let’s talk about the good stuff, a.k.a EVERYTHING.

The Story:

Yaqeen Ka Safar is the story of two people: Asfandyaar Ali Khan and Zubiya Khaleel. Two individuals with completely different backgrounds brought together after loss, tragedy and pain. Like I said, the meat of the story is the same but the writer did a phenomenal job of creating depth and backstory where it was needed and provided wonderful and detailed insight into the lives of all the characters.

Book vs Show:

  • Zubiya has two brothers Rehan and Irfan in the book instead of just one.
  • Her mother isn’t accidentally killed by her father, instead, she dies of some disease.
  • Asfandyaar and Zubiya never meet all those years ago.
  • Daniyal, Ard Sher Khan in the book, commits suicide after being accused of sexual harassment.
  • There is no Noori. I mean, not specifically at least. Her case and Daniyal’s death and essentially everything from Asfand’s past is not in the book.
  • Dr. Shehroz and Asifa are an old couple. Like, really old.
  • Asfand’s father is dead.
  • Saim is the youngest of two siblings. He has a sister named Kashmala and both are teenagers.
  • Zubiya doesn’t try to commit suicide in the book.
  • In the book, she leaves her home out of her own volition instead of being thrown out.
  • Zubiya’s khala ammi and Khajista both die in the book.

Honestly, THIS, this is where I felt that the show did a much, MUCH better job at delivering its message. By making Khajista survive and continue her journey made it all the more powerful and impactful. Truth, courage, bravery, perseverance and justice ALWAYS win, no matter how long it takes, and time passes, whether good or bad. It hit it home in a way the book couldn’t. It’s one of those instances where you love the fact that the book and film/show are different from each other. You take the changes in a stride and enjoy them to the fullest. Maan gaye aapko, Farhat.

Oh, but we’re still not done. There are two differences that I felt were too drastic to ignore.

  • Go up and read the first page of the novella. It says that apparently, during Zubiya’s interview, the three doctors were sitting behind a “vasee-o-areez” table. Hain? The table they sat behind in the show was like, one feet long and three feet wide. WOAH.
  • And two (and this really turned my world upside-down for a moment) it’s Dr. ShehZOR instead of ShehROZ in the book. I’ve been living a lie.

Favorite Line:

I know people seem to love those other two. I, frankly, found them unremarkable. They were great in terms of the scenario and character development and all that but the one that hit me with full force was this one:



Zubiya Khaleel:

We don’t give her much credit but she’s the other half of this iconic pair. Zubiya is resilient, she’s brave, she has endured pain and suffering beyond imagining and yet she soldiers on through life. I think this is where the book-Zubiya scores a plus point against drama-Zubiya. She lost both her Khala Ammi AND Khajista within the span of a few minutes but she didn’t try to end her life. And in the context of the book it makes her even stronger when Asfandyaar compares her to his brother. Ard Sher khan was accused of rape, his reputation destroyed and he couldn’t bear to live with that so he took his own life, while Zubiya suffered the same thing with the added weight of the holed-up life she was living but survived.

No matter, though. I love both versions of her and it doesn’t change what a strong and courageous person she is. NO ONE ELSE could have played the part except Sajjal.

Asfandyaar Khan:

The crush of the nation. The heart-stealer. The chocolate hero. Asfand-not-your-yaar Khan. Weeeeell… Mera khayal hai inki shaan main qaseedey parhne lagey to saari raat guzr jayegi. Fawad Khan? Who’s Fawad Khan? All I know is, we have a new favorite and he’s here to stay.


Hira Mani is a BRILLIANT actor, a gem hidden from us all these years but we’re glad she’s been discovered. Gaiti was one of the most loved characters on the show after Asfiya, and rightfully so. Her portrayal was FLAWLESS.

Daniyal Khan:

As a character, Daniyal deserves all the praise in the world and so does Shaz Khan for his incredible portrayal. We were all devastated and that was the time we truly wished that he would live.

The supporting cast:

The people who hold a show, a book, a film together. These people have a significant role in making our leads who they are. This how had a stellar supporting cast. Absolutely outstanding. Zubiya’s abbi, whom we loathed then sympathized with then cried over, Sheema, whom we wanted to see smashed into a pulp (kudos to the actress, you did your job), Rehan, whom we all pitied, Asfi’s adorable parents whom we LOVED, Khajista, Bahadur and Rustam! Allah, that pathan stole the show every time. Khajista’s mother-in-law, Dr. Haroon the goofball, Faryal, Noori, Noori’s parents, her little brother, that detestable Urooj Nasir, and those feudal assholes and their bodyguards. Am I missing anyone? DUDE, I LOVED THEM ALL. Okay, probably not those feudal assholes.


If I call them “the mightiest ship that has ever sailed” I would be a hypocrite because I called Hayat and Zaki that the last time. So let’s go with “the most beautiful and root-worthy ship ever to grace the seas”, eh? Boring? Gimme a break, it’s past midnight and I’m getting tired.

THESE TWO, THOUGH. We had been getting tired of how our ships never get the proper treatment. All out grievances of the past two decades have beer eradicated from this Earth. There hasn’t been a pairing more loved, more PERFECT, more romantic than these two.


I’d like to see anyone top THAT. Mazel Tov.

Favorite Moments:

OH EM KHUDA, this is the difficult part. I reckon it’ll take me another hour.

  • I’ll start with Gaiti and Daniyal. Second only to Asfiya, they were so cute and adorable together! It broke our hearts and crushed our souls to see them broken apart. Each and everyone of their scenes is my favorite but perhaps the best among them is the one where Daniyal comes late home and Gaiti tells him that she’ll wear his ring forever to remind her that he’s always with her. *Dil toots*

  • When Asfi and his father embrace and share their grief after Daniyal’s death.

  • When Zubiya begs for forgiveness from her abbi in the middle of the night and also the “log maaf naheen karte” one.
  • That intense and emotionally charged scene where Zubiya fights back.
  • When Daniyal dies. Yes, I probably couldn’t see clearly then but it was a great scene.
  • When Noori kills those feudal assholes.

  • WELP, all Asfiya scenes?
  • This one, that truly kick-started the madness if you ask me:

  • And this:

  • *whistles*

  • Check out that literal thook nigalna at the end.

  • Slow-mo makes everything SO much better…

  • I couldn’t figure out how Zubiya could have gotten an injury serious enough to bleed and warrant a tetanus shot the way she fell and where she fell (at least the book had a plausible reason: she was wearing chooriyan and those bit into her wrist) but this scene sure was sweet as HECK.

  • So gggggrrrrromantic!

  • All scenes including, leading to, and after this:

This whole freaking episode was lit.

  • “Aap naraaz hain?”
    “Kis se?”
    “Mujh se.”
    “Main aapse keun naraaz hon gi?!”

  • When Asfi teases her in the car for calling him names and also in the cafetaria.
  • I just loooooved the hurt on his face when she turned him down.

  • A few dozen more scenes I’m forgetting.
  • I saved the best one for last.

ScreenHunter_120 Nov. 03 01.02

Interesting story attached to this scene (YES, another one). I made the mistake of not shielding the screen and hiding my feed from my eyes before logging out of Instagram after posting that night. So I caught a glimpse of Zubiya hugging someone. Ae lo ji, phir kya tha! From the first second to the 31st minute I tormented myself by debating just who exactly she would hug. Rehan was wearing black, Asfi was wearing blue. I was convinced it would be Rehan. MAGAR YE KYA. Asfi entered with a black shirt and the rest is history.

Speaking on behalf of my fellow female folk (it’s a great day for alliteration, apparently), we’ve been losing our shit since yesterday over this scene. CAN’T get over it, WON’T get over it. SO much better than a shaadi scene which would’ve been stupid here and is cliched and overrated anyway.

Thandi aah # 34275876592387502985029385209385

Farewell, Yaqeen Ka Safar. It was a pleasure, being a part of you. To the people who brought us this gift, the writer with her beautiful story, the director with his excellent vision, the actors with their incredible performances and the fangirls, vidders, common folk who love khamoshily, I offer you a hug.

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Original Versus New: Death Note

Rule # 1: The person who watches this film expecting no deviation from the original and a completely faithful adaptation is stupid.

Rule # 2: After starting the movie, drastic changes from the Japanese version will become evident withing six minutes and forty seconds.

Rule # 3: A person who still doesn’t get over it and rages at the variation should a) watch the Japanese adaptations instead or b) get a life.

Rule # 4: If you are reading this, expect spoilers.

Just sayin’.

Willem Dafoe’s Ryuk voice is DA THANG, YO HOMMIES!!! He absolutely nailed the “Humans are so interesting” line. I didn’t catch wings on his Ryuk, though but that is probably because I didn’t pay much attention. Otherwise, his rendition was flawless and so damn scary.

So, shall we begin?

Differences between the Anime version and the Film version:

    • First of all, Light Yagami, or, Light Turner as he is in this film. He is not an asshole, he is not a psychopath, he is not a veritable JERK and he’s not messed up in the head. He’s a teenager who has a somewhat difficult life after losing his mother and he’s bullied in school. Relations between him and his dad are strained because he blames his father for not doing anything about his mother’s murder. Long story short: His life’s not perfect, he is not completely evil, his motivation for picking up the death note stems from his tough experiences rather than idealism.
      Whereas Yagami was the exact opposite: horse’s ass, perfect life, evil and idealistic.
    • This is a 2-hour film which adequately explains the fact that a huge chunk of the original story is missing. In fact, apart from the central idea and a few main characters, everything is new. So no Matsuda, Aizawah, Rem, Near and a lot of other characters.
    • The film does a much, MUCH better job at explaining things, particularly Light and L’s pasts and why they are what they are. With the anime I was disappointed in terms of L’s origin story.
    • Misa Amane is Mia and she as worse as the original one. While Misa was gullible, willing to go to extreme lengths for Light, Mia displays the same love but it’s overshadowed by her need to have the Death Note. In this version, she is more idealistic than Light himself. He tries to draw a line multiple times but she fights against it.
    • Their relationship is obviously not one-sided this time as Light isn’t dead inside.
    • Ryuk is considerably more malevolent. The shinigami don’t  goad the owners or “keepers” of the Death Note but he coerces Light whenever he gets the chance.
    • Yagami encountered Ryuk in his room while being calm AF while Turner lost his shit while inside a classroom during detention. It was hilarious. Nat Wolff really has a very nice scream.
    • L remains L and Watari remains Watari. I have EXTREMELY mixed feelings about the American version of L. He’s black, which in itself is absolutely fine, BUT, I wanted to see him, above all others, true to the anime version. He’s supposed to be pale as death, queer in his habits with dark circles under his eyes, evidence of his lack of sleep and sun. I put it past me after a while and was able to enjoy the actor’s portrayal. His mannerisms, way of speaking and the incessant munching was so accurate I was almost delighted. Until, L turned out to be insane. Yup. He’s aggressive, hysterical, he shouts (which the original L never did) and he seems unhinged. Again, the L I love was odd and everything but he had this way about himself, that soft way of speaking. The actor mimicked this softness pretty well but it didn’t last long.
    • The gory details, though.

  • I loved how Light turned the situation in his favor at the end despite being double-crossed by Mia. I thought that was AWESOME and reminded me of  Light Yagami for a second.

I had my qualms but this was as good as it was gonna get. I’m chilled but that’s gotta be because I’m not a die-hard fan of Death Note. If someone did something like this to, say, Harry Potter I would have totally flipped out and destroyed everything in my path, BUT, the thing is, where adaptations are concerned, you have got to keep your head and realize that if a different country/language is interpreting something, they’re likely to either modify things according to their culture or take some form of artistic license. You want a faithful adaptation? Well, then go watch the Japanese versions. Easy peasy. But showering a man with death threats AFTER he was given permission to do his own spin by the CREATORS? You are messed up, people. That’s all I have to say.

My Rating: 6.5/10


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Death Note Episodes 31-37 Review: Well, it’s certainly been Interesting!

That’s the one word I’d use to describe this show: interesting. I loved the idea. The concept was so fresh and unique. Instead of a protagonist, we had an antagonist as the main character. 37 episodes were spent hating his guts and cursing his soul. Maybe that is why I didn’t completely go ga-ga over this show. It’s hard to like something when it’s dominated by the thing you hate the most.

And so, Light Yagami suffered the fate he deserved. He didn’t die quick, that is my only consolation. Misa attempted suicide and Matsuda and Aizawah came away unscathed. Phew. As for Riyuk, he was true to how he was when he first met Light: bored and in need of entertainment so as Light lay dying, Riyuk could be heard saying that he had an interesting time in the human world because of Light. He was never as emotionally attached to Light as Rem was to Misa. I wish he could have said all that to Light’s dying face.

Matsuda was the BOSS in the last episode. He was hurt beyond imagining by Light’s revelation and when he tried to be smart Matsuda shot at him with quick precision. BANG BANG BANG. So satisfying.

The creepy asshole that Light picked as his ‘chosen one’ or second Kira also died a death that was hilarious to watch. He and Light both turned so effing scary at the end. Light came completely unhinged as he wasn’t familiar with defeat, humiliation and being caught so he became a deranged lunatic in a matter of seconds.

I think the whole ‘successor of L’ thing was completely unnecessary. L could have been alive and had he been the one solving this case and convicting Light, it would have been much more satisfying and fitting. The incorporation of Near and Mellow was pointless as little to no backstory was told by their inclusion.

My favorite characters have been L, Matsuda, Aizawah and Chief Yagami. Two survived, two didn’t.

Oh, well. I had a jolly good time. Sometimes I was bored, most of the times I wasn’t but it was an excellent show regardless. There’s nothing more I can add to this, my mind is totally blank at the moment.

Now, I’ll get to the thing that prompted me to watch this in the first place: the Netflix movie!!!

My Rating for this show: 8.5/10

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Death Note Episodes 21-30 Review: Scared New World

Before I begin the review, lemme just say, …


Heavy Metal? More like Hideously Mental.
The first one was so catchy and fitting and perfect and I had just warmed up to it and started enjoying it. Curse you, you, who is responsible for the change. May your name be made public.


So, about these 10 episodes. To summarize: SHIT HIT THE FAN, YO.

  • For starters, L and the investigative team finally discovered that the tool of death for Kira was a notebook. AND they saw the shinigami. The scene where Light recovers his memories in the helicopter scared the living shit out of me. That asshole.
    • That leaves Matsuda and Aizawah. I’m scared.
  • The entire investigative team saw Riyuk and Matsuda fed him apples.
  • We sort of maybe kinda learned about L’s past and where he came from (SERIOUSLY, WRITERS? Itni zehmat bhi karney ki kya zaroorat thi. Rehney hi daitey)
  • People have started to accept Kira and his methods so much so that the president of the United States stated in a press conference that he and his country won’t oppose Kira.
  • Oh and lest I forget, Light considered killing his sister at one point.

Like the asshole is leaving no stone upturned to prove that he is an asshole and deserves to be executed by being burned alive.

Misa is such an extra. She likes licking Light’s low feet (ALLITERATION FOR THE WIN!!!!). He behaves as a jerk, because he is one, uses her, manipulates her, controls her, and she just lets him do it. Ugh. She’s just as bad as he is.

As far as my expectations are concerned, since the show is quite steady going both in terms of pace and the “shocking moments” it provides, I’m not too worried about being disappointed by what happens next. I cared about L, and they killed him off so there’s nothing that can upset me more.

Things I would like to see:

There are literally only 7 episodes left so I’d appreciate it:

  1. L’s past in detail.
  2. Misa’s decapitation.
  3. Light being stabbed at the heart.
  4. Matsuda and Aizawah walking away unharmed.
  5. Riyuk realizing what a world-class a-hole Light has been and leaving him.
  6. All the Death Notes being destroyed.
  7. New theme song.
  8. A little more humor.

Uh, yeah. That’s it for now.

My Rating: 8/10