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The Harry Potter Mega Organizer

It was actually The Harry Potter Mega Ultra Super-Awesome Rad-tasticly Creative Organizer but I feared that the sheer humility in it would put people off.

The backstory goes something like this: I had been using a zipper pouch for my receipts and tags and cards and shit and it was full to bursting. I’d been meaning to try a new idea for an organizer which has these sort of pages, if you will. I toyed with the idea of using different fabrics for the inside but then my thoughts turned to Harry Potter, as thoughts have a way of doing. My motto in life:

“Everything eventually leads to Harry Potter. Never fight it.”

Glad that bit of wisdom is out of my system. Dude, that rhymed.

So, I thought why shouln’t I just make it Harry Potter themed? And I went to Pinterest and got myself a headache. So many ideas in one place. It all slowly came together and while I’m proud of it. There are certain things that didn’t turn out like I wanted them to.

My biggest regret is adding interfacing. Always, I always do this. Attach lots of it everywhere and then it bulks up and it’s murder to sew after that. It’s a lesson I refuse to learn. Eurgh.

That was me when I had to struggle to put it all together at the end.

Here it is:

This is the Marauders’ Map. I bought this book box two years ago that was Cursed Child themed. It had a wand and a scarf and a bunch of bookmarks and stuff. This was that scarf. I didn’t think I was going to use it, like EVER so I cut it and applied interfacing and made it into this.

The front and the back is a full piece, there was a piece of the “Messers Moony…” bit on either side, I cut that up and made it into pockets, otherwise it would have been impractically ginormous. It’s wide enough as it is.

I’m pretty proud of that elastic binding I made, FYI.

Now, here’s the thing: it seems all nice and easy in theory but once you actually start, the harsh truths of life come crashing down. Like the fact that I had to separately assemble each page piece and figure out which to attach to each and what will be on the top and what will go on the bottom and… you get the idea.

These are the first two ‘pages’.

This is the section I cut out from each side of the main map piece. I had to attach these two together first, if you see closely there’s a stitch line in the middle of the title of the map.

Then I cut these strips from scrap pieces and sewed them together to make the Gryffindor background. The Ravenclaw pocket came from a zipper pouch from another  Harry Potter book box I got last July. I had been using it as a money pouch but when I started doing this, it had to go. Ehehee.

Now, these two pages aren’t attached together. Rather, the first page is attached to the very last page and these two make the inside of the map main piece. Then, this house page is attached to another one which is the second last page. These two make the bottom piece of the third and fourth pages. I can guarantee no one understands this. Okay, let’s move right on.

These are the third and fourth pages. These were attached to each other to make a complete panel.

I used a permanent marker for the doodles and then ironed the fabric to set the ink. This blue pocket was the back of that zipper pouch. RIP that pouch.

The other page is London-themed. No need to say more. I used vinyl so the design would be visible. Also, I didn’t do very sophisticated pockets because I just have to stuff things inside, the different types of things will be separated, hence the ‘organized’ bit and the pockets are big enough so that they’ll hold a lot more than one measly pouch did for a year. Seriously, I love that pouch (I made it, it was orange) but there was no way for me to keep things separate and whenever I had to fish something specific out it was a menace.

Last two pages!

These are the closest I came to a Harry Potter themed fabric in the local market. The right one has always been one of my favorites, it’s got a bunch of things that make for a perfect hp mashup print: coat of arms, keys, the colors, the snake/owl/lion hybrid creature. The seal is actually a piece of foam sheet.

Here’s how I attached them:

  • The Marauders’ Map title page  with The Hogwarts Letter page (first panel)
  • The Gryffindor/Ravenclaw page with The Stag page (second panel)
  • The doodle page with The London page (third panel)
  • Then I attached the main map piece with the first panel.
  • The second panel with the third panel.
  • And finally, laid this second+third atop the map+first and stitched a line in the middle. This was torture because of the bulk.

Aaaaand that is it. I did it!

The things we do for the love of Harry Potter, eh?





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Gypsy Diaries Entry VI – February 2018

I’ve officially begun to regret starting writing these posts. Whoooooo cares? Even I don’t need an online log, I already have a calendar journal type thingy on which I record almost EVERYTHING, using only two pages, I might add. I’m paranoid about running out of space, as in first filling a journal then running out of space to write, then finding another journal to write in and filling that, then eventually filling so many journals that they take up all the space and I can no longer keep them and have to get a bigger cabinet, a bigger room, then a bigger house then a separate library… and so it goes. I think that every time I’m using a piece of paper. So I guess this is a good thing? Even if I lose my journals or have to throw them away for more space, at least I’ll have these posts to return to. Until I run out of space here too. Wait, can that happen?!


  • February was fantastic in terms of reading! I read NINE books. Whoop whoop!
  • I got more fabric for my shop, it was all SUBLIME.
  • My cousin with her army of daughters came to visit. It was fun. Even hobbits feel lonely sometimes. We went to my sister’s, the little cupcake that is her youngest son was being his usual cupcake self and I was gushing all over the place.
  • Winter was never here so it’ll be pointless to say that it went.
  • I was a bit bummed about not getting a lot of orders last month, for me a lot is ten but February was better in comparison.
  • 14 February was the worst day of the month. There was a lot of rage, pain and existential crisis that night which is ironic. It had nothing to do with the significance of the day though.

Despite being the shortest month of the year, it had packed a lot for me.

March, please be good to me.

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Gypsy Diaries Entry V – January 2018

Sooooooo, twenty eighteen. Another year gone. Did I get excited that a new year had dawned? I did not. Did I make super-serious resolutions about being “more grateful and kind and productive” and all that shit. No, sir. Truthfully, this was  quite a change from the last January when I got so pumped up and made all sorts of different promises to myself and kept some of them actually. This time, however, I wasn’t feeling it.

January as a month was a good one. The biggest disappointment this season has been the underwhelming Winter. I always judge the ferocity of cold by how many layers I put on and what kind of blanket I start using when it gets really chilly. This year, the time came and went but Winter did not. It breaks my heart. We get about 6 months of summer, 3 months of moderate temperature and the rest are for feeling cold and snuggling inside layers of clothing. It’s still Winter but a very mild one. It never settled this year. That makes me very sad.

One of my close friends got married in January. That was a fun event. Yeah. That’s it.

I read a whopping 9 books in January which was impressive, don’t hold the applause. The first half of the month I struggled to read Stephen King’s IT. It took me THIRTEEN days. I was frightened enough to read  the book during daytime. And because I didn’t want to get behind schedule I kept reading another book side by side with IT. Then I watched the movie (got nightmares) and the old miniseries as well. And I also caved in to hype and temptation and started watching Stranger Things. It’s a good show but not that amazing.

So anyway, here’s the list of books I read:

  • IT by Stephen King
  • Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
  • Infernal Devices (Mortal Engines # 3) by Philip Reeve
  • Hunter by Mercedes Lackey
  • The Girl in the Tower (Winternight Trilogy # 2) by Katherine Arden
  • A Darkling Plain (Mortal Engines # 4) by Philip Reeve
  • Elite by Mercedes Lackey
  • The Ancient Magus’s Bride Vol. 4 by Kore Yamazaki
  • Whichwood by Tahereh Mafi

Here’s to hoping February will turn out awesome as well!

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Gypsy Diaries Entry IV – December 2017

Okay, December was a good one. Let it be known to all.

It wasn’t eventful, like I always say, but it just felt good throughout, you know?

It got nicely cold near the middle, after it rained on the 10th and 11th, but then it just wore off again and that was so disappointing. See, I like to experience the short days and biting winter together. But for some time lately, winter always comes full force when days are beginning to lengthen again and that makes me sad.

The first day of the month I went to a friend’s place. We talk regularly via chat and infrequently on the phone but the last time we met was February 2016. It was nice, obviously. I consider her to be one of my closest friends (don’t be shocked. Hobbits rarely go out, even if it’s to meet up with their best friends) and we always manage to have fun. The exchanging of gifts is our thing, sweet, exciting but also awkward because she insists of opening them right away and she insists that I remark on everything she gives me.

I managed 4 orders for my shop during the first half and three during the last. Which was LOW. Eurgh. That was, and is, upsetting. My goal is at least 10 each month. I used to be unconcerned about it before but now it makes me afraid.

My sister and ducklings came twice. The first twelve hours are the height of fun, the rest is chaos and confusion and a whole lot of screaming. Three little boys, what can you expect?

I read a whopping 11 books in December. Three of them were mangas so even if I don’t count those it’s still 8 which is 1 more than my usual goal of 7. A big fat YAY on that! Here are the books I read:

Artemis by Andy Weir

I liked it a lot but didn’t love it. The technical stuff got heavier and heavier until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Renegades by Marissa Meyer

An extremely fun setting with an extremely disappointing adaptation.

The Boy on the Bridge by M.R. Carrey

HECK to the YEEEEEAAAH!!! Loved the first one, loved this one. Zombie apocalypse, but more interesting than the usual affair.

The Goblins of Bellwater by Molly Ringle

Mostly crap and slap-dash.

Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

Vivid and engaging but also a bit disappointing and lame.

Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco

God-awful protagonist, equally awful narration, more disappointing and lame.

The Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

An underrated dystopian book with weird awesomeness that everyone needs to read ASAP!

Predator’s Gold by Philip Reeve

Sequel to Mortal Engines, as good as the first one.

The Ancient Magus’s Bride Vol. 1,2,3 by Kore Yamazaki


Here’s to hoping January will be good too! Insha Allah.


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Gypsy Diaries Entry III – November 2017

Woof! Boy, am I late to the party. I was supposed to have written this, like, 15 days ago but I have been strangely uninterested in blogging lately. It’s a little like Postpartum Depression, you know when supposedly women don’t want to touch their children and are constantly dispassionate towards them. It’s a horrible analogy but it’s the best I can come up with. And since I’m not a “serious” blogger (my definition: one who blogs for the benefit of others rather than himself/herself) that made letting it go easier.

Do I sound cranky and rude? I must not have shrugged off the symptoms entirely.

These entries are meant to be a reminder to my future self what good ol’ times were like. So, dear future self, here’s what happened in November 2017:

A healthy dose of nothing.

I’m not one of those people who have exciting things happening to them all the time. Probably because I work hard to make it that way. Eh.

Once again, I’ll be referring to my “monthly spread” to summarize November. Here, take a look:

The little alphabets in the date boxes dictate what I have to do each day. The reason I mark “bathing” is not because I’m inherently disgusting and filthy and have to be reminded to take a shower, it’s almost a compulsive thing, marking it. I like to be thorough.

The little icons besides the alphabets indicate if something ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ happened. There is a total of 4 of such icons. 3 of them indicate the coming of guests, one when I had periods.

My goals for the month were to:

  1. Deliver 10+ orders. I did 10.
  2. Improve painting and lettering skills. Did not.
  3. Flatten Belly. HAHAHAHA. (Seriously, someone recommend me a workout regime that WORKS.
  4. Sew 15 new ideas. Did 12.
  5. Read 7 books. Only go around to 4.
  6. Write 10 blog posts. Wrote 8.

The books I read were:


Sequel to Frostblood which also came out this year.

The Lies of Locke Lamora



A baffling post-apocalyptic science-fiction book. Left me scratching my head.

Red Seas Under Red Skies

Sequel to Locke Lamora.


Mere Khuwab Lota Do

Barely read half of it so not counting it actually.

Oh, I remember two other things that happened in November. No, make that three.

First, it got a little colder. I like it when it’s cold.

Second, I got sick with the flu. I don’t like it when I get the cold.


Third, Avengers: Infinity War‘s trailer dropped. AND OH-MY-GOD.

It was second after second of jaw-dropping AWESOMENESS. And none of them had quite as big of an impact compared to this:


I showed this to my nephew the other day and it was so worth it, seeing his face when the Avengers theme played. He had a goofy, fanboy smile on his cute face. I was looking at him the whole time.

So, to wrap this up, uh, I’ll just wrap it up.








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My First Bookstaversary!

Short for “Bookstagram Anniversary”. Yup, I started my account last year on November 26th. So, technically, yesterday was the day but, you know, life and shit, couldn’t post.

I believe I was browsing through someone else’s feed or just checking what the heck “bookstagram” was on Google when I suddenly wanted to do it myself. And the very next day I did! It became obvious right at the start that it was messy work. The setting-up of props and books and good lighting is hard work. I slowly and eventually understood how to take good pictures, nothing teaches better than experience but I did start off nicely.

I mostly read ebooks, *ahem* the ones that don’t necessarily require payment. (IMMA HIDE) How could I, you ask? Well, I have my reasons. So, I buy a few books every couple of months or so. Compared to most bookstagrammers, that amount is insubstantial. My feed has always been more about unique angles and unusual stuff rather than loads of props with a kingdom of books in between. Get this: I don’t even have a proper shelf for the ones I do have.

Enough whining. Here’s what my very first post looked like.

Yeah, my captions really needed some work. Now, I think I’ve mastered the art.

Then there’s the matter of deciding what theme your feed is going to follow. By God, that took me along time to get. I don’t need to follow a theme, I would say to myself. But eventually I learned that even that was a theme of a kind. It’s a very bizarre and headache inducing thing that simplifies over time so don’t expect me to explain. Basically, you get it when you do it.

Some of the images from my first month of bookstagramming

And don’t even get me started on followers, comments and likes. That shit makes you lose your sleep, yo. And like everything else, you learn to live with it slooooowly and eventually.


And Hashtags! LORD IN HEAVEN, DELIVER ME FROM THIS EVIL. Be specific. Don’t be specific. Use 30. Use less. It’s a three-month course in itself, learning to use instagram specifically for books.

There was a period of time when I though, eh, I don’t only have to photograph books! I can take pictures of other things as well. It’s a free country, hey? Yeah. I outgrew it. So there are pictures of cats, babies, purses and random shit but 99% of this account is books.


I decided to keep a username that wasn’t too descriptive, if you know what I mean. The feed itself was going to show the idea anyway I didn’t think I would have to come up with a name to reinforce that. For example, xyz likes to read, abc reads too much, asdfghjkl bibliophile, 3788 bookish. They made me cringe before, they make me cringe now.


There are, of course, times when you just don’t feel like doing it (I’ve been facing quite a lot of those times recently) but as someone pointed it out to me, the key to doing this successfully is consistency.

As for what I mean by successful, well, I admit this somewhat shamefully, that even though I got into this because of books and I loved doing it and adopted it as a hobby, a part of me was fascinated by the idea of people getting free stuff off businesses just so they could promote it through their accounts. The catch? You have to have a frick ton of followers. And yes, that obsession left me in due time. I do not have the patience or the temperament for such a thing. The sheer dedication it requires is insane. Plus, it would have started being less fun and more duty-like if I had.


So here I am. A year later. Still doing it, still enjoying it. I don’t intend on stopping. Ever.

Oh and the camera I use for these photos? It comes with an iPad mini.

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Gypsy Diaires Entry II: October 2017

Ah, so it is November and here we are again!

This post will be short because last month was as uneventful as it gets. Which is just how I like it. Like, literally, the only things that happened (which I also put in the “HIGHLIGHTS” section in the monthly schedules/spreads I make) were:

  • October 20: Had periods.
  • October 20: It started getting chilly.
  • October 21: Nephews came to visit.
  • October 25: The second last episode of Yakeen Ka Safar aired.
  • October 26: Periods stopped.
  • October 28: Sister came with nephews to stay.
  • October 29: Uncle visited.
  • October 30: Went to the bank.

I’m looking at my Calendar and that is ALL it tells me.

I am a Hobbit, a Hobbit is me.

The books I read this month total to 6 which is disappointing since I was aiming for 7.

  • A Language of Thorns (Leigh Bardugo) – 4.5/5
  • Assassin’s Creed (Oliver Bowden) – 1.5/5
  • Jo Ruke To Koh-e-Garan Thay Hum (Aneeza Syed) – 4/5
  • Warcross (Marie Lu) – 5/5
  • Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard: The Ship of the Dead (Rick Riordan) – 3/5
  • Wonder Woman (Leigh Bardugo) – 5/5

I don’t review books here. Goodreads is my sacred reviewing space.

My goals for this month were:

  • Improve Lettering and Water Painting Skills (EPIC FAIL, since I only painted twice this month and only bookmarks at that)
  • Deliver at least 10 orders (WIN, I delivered 20)
  • Read at least 7 books (FAIL, obviously)
  • Write 10 blog posts (EPIC FAIL, got to only 7)
  • Sew about 15 new ideas (MODERATE WIN, I managed 11 which is pretty okay)

That was a short review of the month copied almost entirely from my spread. I can’t think of anything else to add besides that because I swear that is ALL that transpired.

Oh, wait. I just remembered three awesome things. Without further ado, here they are:

  1. It got chilly. Which means Winter. Which is Awesome. The last 12 days were delightfully cold.
  2. I got my biggest cheque yet. It was very nearly 10,000 Rs. Masha Allah. I gotta admit that was a proud moment. I showed it off.
  3. The “Yakeen Ka Safar” madness reached it’s crescendo. Tonight’s the last episode. I would like to scream VERY much.

I hope to keep working and keep learning and keep doing things that make me happy, my way. And I hope to see Winter in all it’s cold glory unleash the coldness upon Pakistan this month in November.

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Super-Nerdy Gaming Remote-Shaped Pouch (OR That One Time I Impressed Myself)

This idea/design/piece of pure awesomeness is original. I repeat: my brain gave birth to this ALL ON ITS OWN. It was not impregnated by the internet. No, sir.

Oh, and this is a tutorial. You may officially begin thanking me.

This was about a week and a half ago. I had just read Warcross by Marie Lu (EXCELLENT book, just FYI) and I was making shaped pouches. Saw one shaped like a tea cup and made that but then there was like this TINGGGG in my brain and the spotlight of genius ideas immediately landed on my brother’s gaming remote. It’s a sleek looking thing and really pretty. Immediately, I was like, IMMA GO MAKE THIS SHIT. Tonight’s really not my “speak-the-eloquent-speech” night so forgive the ‘immas’ and the ‘likes’.

So … I’ll try to let the pictures do the talking:

1. I trace the thing.

ISN’T SHE A BEAUTY? Look me in the eye and tell me you aren’t seduced by how gorgeous she is.

2. After tracing.

I draw another line a quarter inch away from the original on all sides, that’s the one I’ll be cutting.

3. I cut the thing.

4. I take some long-forgotten black velvet pieces that I had and since they turn out to be smaller for my purposes, I stitch them together to make two pieces, the front and back.



5- I decide to add a zipper at the center of the back piece so while I’m stitching the velvet pieces for the back, I make sure to leave an opening in the middle to insert the zipper. (I’m not sure why I’m going in present tense but O-KAY)

Like, so:

If the fabric you chose is full-sized (?) and you don’t need to stitch pieces together like I do here, then you can make a cut in the middle and insert the zipper through the, uh, insert zipper method. Which I won’t be explaining here. Eh. If you’re a practiced sewist you probably already know. If not, none of this will be making sense anyway…

A VERY IMPORTANT thing I should mention, the velvet I use in this project is blessedly of a kind that does not fray. My life=SO much easier.

(If the incessant use of gifs is annoying you, deal with it)

6- I use the pattern I made to cut the front and back of the pouch, making sure that the slit I left unstitched is in the middle of the back piece.

Left – Back Piece     ,     Right – Front Piece

7- I cut the lining and interfacing for the front piece. Lining because when the zipper opens on the back, the inside will be visible and interfacing because I wanted the front of the pouch to give a realistic 3-D effect. The interfacing is actually polyester. I don’t know what it’s called. Batting? Padding? Eh.

8- I prepare the buttons. 3-D and a huge pain in the butt. You decide how you want your buttons to be. I just use what I had here and made them however I saw fit at the time.

This is a neat little trick for making appliques and turning them inside out.

Use the hole to flip the buttons inside out.

Fabric Markers. The greatest invention for sewists since the needle itself.

I want the buttons to be squishy and pushy and stuff so I do this dumb shit which took a lot of time and grunting.

9– I attach/sew the buttons to the front piece.

The three on the top are again really small velvet ones, the two on the sides are black and the middle one is burgundy. I couldn’t even see them properly, they were so small and sewing them on wasn’t picnic either.

10- I take the padding/batting, sandwich it between the main piece and lining and sew all the way around. HUZZAH.

11- I attach the front and back together. I would have added the zipper to the back first but I didn’t have a black zipper at the time.

12-  I add these pieces on extra-ness on the shoulders of the remote. They have those on real ones. There are square pieces of felt (like the buttons) underneath them to make them puff up a little. Also, this little loop thingy above the zipper slit is meant to hold the cord which you’ll see soon enough.

13- I slide the zipper in, tuck the edges inside over the zipper and sew on top.

This is what it looks like on the inside of the back piece.

14- Finally, I place the front and back, right sides together and sew all the way around, then use the zipper slit to turn it inside out. Keep the zipper open, otherwise you’re screwed.

This cord was meant to imitate the wires that come out of these remotes and was supposed to be purely ornamental. BUT, it is useful! You’ll see. I just tied it in a knot around the loop.

USE # 1:

USE # 2:

And this, peasants people, is how I made this RAD AF little purse. You’re a hundred percent free to try. I give thee permission.

P.S: I’m sorry if I sound like a pompous peacock in this post. One of my friends said that I’m too self-deprecating so I tried to change that. Turns out I have only two modes: self-deprecatory or annoyingly arrogant.




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Good-sized Back-to-School Bag

More like “Back to University” bag since the person who requested this is a university student. I’ve been incredibly uninspired lately when it comes to my blog. I mentally berate myself everyday and say that today I will write something but I never do. So here is a super-boring post about this bag that I sewed.

She didn’t request this particular bag, just asked me to make something big enough to fit her supplies and notebooks and stuff. I just went ahead and made what I thought would fit her needs. This is an original creation. I did not copy this from some place else.

NOTE: This is not a tutorial.

Like I said, uninspired and just not feeling it.

This print is a favorite among everyone and I call it “FoxFell” on the suggestion of a friend. There are two versions of this, one with a darker midnight blue background and the other with a lighter grey one. I used both here to create a nice contrast. No interfacing or lining was used. Oh, and the fabric is flannelette so it’s quite soft and sturdy.

I believe the main pieces I cut were somewhere around 16″ x 14″. From there I just adjusted other pieces and pockets to go with it. This was kind of a last minute thing so I did it very quickly and hastily. The back of the bag, as you can see, is upside down, print-wise. This was deliberate.

The front piece has a little flap pocket that again, has no lining inside and no velcro tape as well. I tested if it would close nicely without the tape and it did so I didn’t add that. (PSSHT: *Pinking shears are life savers*)

Moreover, I didn’t sew the top edge of the flap to the bag, if I had done that the pocket would have been secure, not that it isn’t already, but it wouldn’t have served as a double pocket. So, yeah, that worked out and I wasn’t even planning that.

The back of the bag has a inside zippered pocket which are mostly attached in big bags. I loved sewing that zipper for some reason.

Then there are the sides which also have one pocket each. Those sides are really wide and pockets big to give the bag depth and to fit as much as possible.

I experimented with the straps, I have never done ones like this before. They’re attached to handles, all four corners. It gives a nice touch.

The thing she did request was that I add a zipper on top of the bag. That’s the only part I didn’t like. It was needlessly complicated.

I’m a little paranoid by nature. My biggest fear when it comes to the things I make is that they’ll all come apart, I stitch and double stitch for this reason. Even after doing that, I’m afraid that the fabric won’t be able to handle too much stress or whatever. God help me. I hope that never happens.

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Gypsy Diaries Entry I: September 2017

September is a month like all others but for two reasons it’s very special to me. One, Fall arrives in September and Fall is the harbinger of Winter which I long for with all my heart every year. And two: I was born in September. The 24th to be exact. I’m 22 years old now. Except for the typical albeit short-lived pang of “Haye haye, main itni bari ho gayi”, there has been no change whatsoever in me or my life. We have a habit of treating birthdays as casually as possible so there was no grand celebration which is fine by me.

The month kicked off with the fervor and excitement of Eid-ul-Azha. The Eid itself lasted from 2-4 September. My father was here too (he works abroad) and there’s a general noise in the house and a happy chaos when he’s here. He’s a very loud man. I take after him in temperament: we’re both short-tempered, quick to anger but just as easily subdued. I wish I could talk as well as he does, though.

The second day of Bari Eid is the day our entire khandan with all 4-5 families gathers on a farmhouse for BBQ. I’ve grown to be quite the hermit over the years so I don’t enjoy family gatherings at all. I didn’t this one either. I did take a few of my books with me a took a lot of pictures for bookstagram so the trip wasn’t entirely wasted.

When the aftermath of the Eid vanished with all its traces, life once again, became normal which is just how I like it: no change, no surprises.

There’s a show on air right now called “Yaqeen Ka Safar”. I became a hard-core fangirl during September. Bookstagram and Sewstagram accounts went steadily. Oh, I just remembered! The night we got home from the BBQ I found out that I, along with some other people, were mentioned in a MangoBaaz article about Bookstagrammers to watch out for and my following jumped from 390-800!

My shop did well and is still doing well, alhamduliullah. I got a lot of orders and huge ones at that. I’m only one person and I have to sew everything by myself so 5-8 orders maximum are what I can manage twice a month. I love my work and I love putting it to good use.

After Eid I went with my sister and got a bunch of new fabric prints. I uploaded them and got an immediate response. Speaking of aapi, my munchkin #3 recognizes me now and according to her, when he sees me on video chat, he smiles brightly than he does when he talks to his father. I mean, GAAAAAH.

During the third week, on the 16th we went to visit my uncle and it was, by far, the WORST experience of my life. I don’t have the stomach to put all of THAT down here but there was something really positive and encouraging that came out of that as well; my father’s support. I figuratively whooped that night. There is no question to the fact that women, mothers especially, are emotional creatures and they tend to listen to their hearts more than their brains, thus the emotional blackmailing. While fathers, our sweet fathers, they listen to reason, they take the emotional aspect apart for a second and try to understand what you’re trying to say. Each approach has its merits and each parent is trying to look out for their kid. But I prefer the latter.

Also, there’s this old man who “allegedly” sells cool square pieces of printed fabric. I’ve been trying to locate him, but he eludes me! Every time I go where he’s supposed to be, the baba ji is not there.

Hmmm, what else? Oh, yeah. The “goals” I set for myself for September. They were:

  • Selling 10+ times. Check.
  • 10 blog posts. Nope.
  • Reading at least 7 books. Lol.
  • Working on new pouch ideas. Didn’t even do one.

The books I read this month are:

  • The Golem and the Jinni
  • The Last Magician
  • Weird Things Customers Say In Bookshops
  • The Princess and the Goblin
  • The Princess and Curdie
  • Jo Ruke To Koh-e-Garan They Hum (I haven’t finished it yet)

The movies I watched are:

  • Kong: Skull Island
  • Gifted
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2
  • The Lego Batman Movie
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • Alien: Covenant

Then came my birthday on the 24th, without ceremony and just as unceremoniously, it passed. I received some really sweet and unexpected wishes, all from friends on the internet. The last two weeks were spent mostly sewing and trying to finish orders. God knows I tried so hard to do everything ahead of time so I could get to those ideas of mine but one thing led to another and I couldn’t! This is precisely why I don’t tolerate even a second of variation from my schedule and why I hate unannounced visits.

I think I put most of it down.

Till we meet again.