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Good-sized Back-to-School Bag

More like “Back to University” bag since the person who requested this is a university student. I’ve been incredibly uninspired lately when it comes to my blog. I mentally berate myself everyday and say that today I will write something but I never do. So here is a super-boring post about this bag that I sewed.

She didn’t request this particular bag, just asked me to make something big enough to fit her supplies and notebooks and stuff. I just went ahead and made what I thought would fit her needs. This is an original creation. I did not copy this from some place else.

NOTE: This is not a tutorial.

Like I said, uninspired and just not feeling it.

This print is a favorite among everyone and I call it “FoxFell” on the suggestion of a friend. There are two versions of this, one with a darker midnight blue background and the other with a lighter grey one. I used both here to create a nice contrast. No interfacing or lining was used. Oh, and the fabric is flannelette so it’s quite soft and sturdy.

I believe the main pieces I cut were somewhere around 16″ x 14″. From there I just adjusted other pieces and pockets to go with it. This was kind of a last minute thing so I did it very quickly and hastily. The back of the bag, as you can see, is upside down, print-wise. This was deliberate.

The front piece has a little flap pocket that again, has no lining inside and no velcro tape as well. I tested if it would close nicely without the tape and it did so I didn’t add that. (PSSHT: *Pinking shears are life savers*)

Moreover, I didn’t sew the top edge of the flap to the bag, if I had done that the pocket would have been secure, not that it isn’t already, but it wouldn’t have served as a double pocket. So, yeah, that worked out and I wasn’t even planning that.

The back of the bag has a inside zippered pocket which are mostly attached in big bags. I loved sewing that zipper for some reason.

Then there are the sides which also have one pocket each. Those sides are really wide and pockets big to give the bag depth and to fit as much as possible.

I experimented with the straps, I have never done ones like this before. They’re attached to handles, all four corners. It gives a nice touch.

The thing she did request was that I add a zipper on top of the bag. That’s the only part I didn’t like. It was needlessly complicated.

I’m a little paranoid by nature. My biggest fear when it comes to the things I make is that they’ll all come apart, I stitch and double stitch for this reason. Even after doing that, I’m afraid that the fabric won’t be able to handle too much stress or whatever. God help me. I hope that never happens.

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Gypsy Diaries Entry I: September 2017

September is a month like all others but for two reasons it’s very special to me. One, Fall arrives in September and Fall is the harbinger of Winter which I long for with all my heart every year. And two: I was born in September. The 24th to be exact. I’m 22 years old now. Except for the typical albeit short-lived pang of “Haye haye, main itni bari ho gayi”, there has been no change whatsoever in me or my life. We have a habit of treating birthdays as casually as possible so there was no grand celebration which is fine by me.

The month kicked off with the fervor and excitement of Eid-ul-Azha. The Eid itself lasted from 2-4 September. My father was here too (he works abroad) and there’s a general noise in the house and a happy chaos when he’s here. He’s a very loud man. I take after him in temperament: we’re both short-tempered, quick to anger but just as easily subdued. I wish I could talk as well as he does, though.

The second day of Bari Eid is the day our entire khandan with all 4-5 families gathers on a farmhouse for BBQ. I’ve grown to be quite the hermit over the years so I don’t enjoy family gatherings at all. I didn’t this one either. I did take a few of my books with me a took a lot of pictures for bookstagram so the trip wasn’t entirely wasted.

When the aftermath of the Eid vanished with all its traces, life once again, became normal which is just how I like it: no change, no surprises.

There’s a show on air right now called “Yaqeen Ka Safar”. I became a hard-core fangirl during September. Bookstagram and Sewstagram accounts went steadily. Oh, I just remembered! The night we got home from the BBQ I found out that I, along with some other people, were mentioned in a MangoBaaz article about Bookstagrammers to watch out for and my following jumped from 390-800!

My shop did well and is still doing well, alhamduliullah. I got a lot of orders and huge ones at that. I’m only one person and I have to sew everything by myself so 5-8 orders maximum are what I can manage twice a month. I love my work and I love putting it to good use.

After Eid I went with my sister and got a bunch of new fabric prints. I uploaded them and got an immediate response. Speaking of aapi, my munchkin #3 recognizes me now and according to her, when he sees me on video chat, he smiles brightly than he does when he talks to his father. I mean, GAAAAAH.

During the third week, on the 16th we went to visit my uncle and it was, by far, the WORST experience of my life. I don’t have the stomach to put all of THAT down here but there was something really positive and encouraging that came out of that as well; my father’s support. I figuratively whooped that night. There is no question to the fact that women, mothers especially, are emotional creatures and they tend to listen to their hearts more than their brains, thus the emotional blackmailing. While fathers, our sweet fathers, they listen to reason, they take the emotional aspect apart for a second and try to understand what you’re trying to say. Each approach has its merits and each parent is trying to look out for their kid. But I prefer the latter.

Also, there’s this old man who “allegedly” sells cool square pieces of printed fabric. I’ve been trying to locate him, but he eludes me! Every time I go where he’s supposed to be, the baba ji is not there.

Hmmm, what else? Oh, yeah. The “goals” I set for myself for September. They were:

  • Selling 10+ times. Check.
  • 10 blog posts. Nope.
  • Reading at least 7 books. Lol.
  • Working on new pouch ideas. Didn’t even do one.

The books I read this month are:

  • The Golem and the Jinni
  • The Last Magician
  • Weird Things Customers Say In Bookshops
  • The Princess and the Goblin
  • The Princess and Curdie
  • Jo Ruke To Koh-e-Garan They Hum (I haven’t finished it yet)

The movies I watched are:

  • Kong: Skull Island
  • Gifted
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2
  • The Lego Batman Movie
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • Alien: Covenant

Then came my birthday on the 24th, without ceremony and just as unceremoniously, it passed. I received some really sweet and unexpected wishes, all from friends on the internet. The last two weeks were spent mostly sewing and trying to finish orders. God knows I tried so hard to do everything ahead of time so I could get to those ideas of mine but one thing led to another and I couldn’t! This is precisely why I don’t tolerate even a second of variation from my schedule and why I hate unannounced visits.

I think I put most of it down.

Till we meet again.

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Pocket Organizers Galore!

Good evening, children. I realize I’ve been AWOL for what has been probably weeks but I have a legit reason: I’ve become obsessed with some Urdu dramas and binge-watching them, ya know, obsessively. As a result, less time for reading, less time for sewing, no time at all for blog posts.

But, despite being glued to my iPad’s screen, I did get some serious sewing done. Since my last post about the Pocket Organizer sewing project that I did, I’ve made 3 more Pocket Organizers. Yeah, it’s a pocket party in here. The first one was completely my own idea, the rest of the three have been inspired by some cool pictures I found.

Feast your eyeballs:
(I’m going to give them annoying names just because I can)


Number of Pockets: 4
Material Used: Denim (for pockets), Lawn (we have an abundance of that here in Pakistan) and ribbon.
Difficulty Level: 5/10
Work In Progress Story: I’m glad that you asked. One, the Lawn leftovers were from a new shalwar kameez my ma had recently cut and she got mildly mad/amused that I had made my pocket organizer before she could sew her shalwar kameez. That was lame, here’s another one: due to a series colossally infuriating incidents that involved the sewing needle breaking in half and then the new one being maladjusted, this project gave me grief and a slight case of depression, until I realized what was wrong and fixed it.
Inspired By:


Number of Pockets: 12
Material Used: Cotton fabric for main pockets, Lawn pieces for bias tape and ribbon.
Cool Tidbit: I personally LOVE this print. It’s sort of a Hogwarts Houses Hybrid with a little bit that represents each house in my opinion. So we have the green color and the serpentine body of the creature for Slytherin, the orange-gold and the fact that the creature has a lion like mane for Gryffindor, the yellow for Hufflepuff and the keys which can symbolize knowledge for Ravenclaw. The coat of arms style and the owlish face of the creature can represent Hogwarts in general. Anyhoo, that’s what I like to think to justify how cool this print is.
Difficulty Level: 5/10
Inspired By:


Number of Pockets: 6
Material Used: Cotton Fabric, some Lawn pieces, lace and ribbon.
Difficulty Level: 6/10 (Assembling and designing each pocket, although easy, was kind of a hassle.
Cool Tidbit: This one’s my favorite.
Inspired By:

Thank you for reading this highly entertaining and informative post.


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Pocket Organizer – Sewing Tutorial

I’ve been getting a steady number of orders on my shop lately and I couldn’t be happier. Sewing gives me such satisfaction and pleasure, things I never thought I would get from it, at least a few years ago. It’s mostly book sleeves and zipper pouches but lately people have been requesting fresh stuff, new stuff and I just LOVE making new things.

I got an order for a sleep mask yesterday and laptop sleeve a week before, it was challenging but so much fun. The reference I used was from a written tutorial blog post and it helped out immensely. I’ve done written tutorials before (2 if you’re asking) but I feel as if I didn’t go into much detail or precision, especially when it came to the images.

I hope to change that with this blog post where I would be putting down “how to sew a pocket organizer” in ink, as it were. The design is completely my own, meaning I didn’t use anything as a reference or a guide for this. It doesn’t mean that no one else has made something like this before.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Your basic Sewing Essentials
  • Fusible Interfacing
  • Two fabric prints, one will serve as the main outer piece and the other as the, uh, not-main? outer piece. I suck at this, forgive me. Basically both pieces will be visible on the outside and you’ll also be able to use one of them as a lining for the pockets. The main one will be facing towards you and it’ll have pockets while the other one will be facing the wall without any pockets.

I chose this super-awesome and cool map/stamp/animal print which is African themed and a simple black fabric. These are both incredibly sturdy.



  • 3 pieces from each fabric print of your choice measuring 7.5″ x 9.5″. That’ll be 6 fabric pieces total of this size. These will make the 3 pocket holders.
  • 3 pieces of interfacing of the same size.
  • 3 pockets for 3 pocket holders. The first and the third pocket will be of the same size 5.5″ x 6.5″ along with their lining. That’d be a total of 4 pieces of this size.
  • I decided to do two pockets for the middle pocket holder. These will obviously be of shorter width. Again, you will also cut the lining so another 4 pieces measuring 5.5″ x 4.5″.
  • The connector pieces that would join the three pocket holders together into one mighty pocket organizer would be 4 in total measuring 4.5″ x 3″.
  • The hanging strip or the piece that would be used to hang your organizer on the wall would be 22.5″ x 1.5″.
  • Lastly, you would need bias tape to give the edges of the pocket holders a beautiful and finished edge. You will need 3 strips of fabric measuring 1.5″ x 35″. If you can’t cut pieces that long, just cut smaller ones and sew them together now.

Step 2: IRONING:

  • Do all the iron work right now starting with fusing the interfacing to the 3 of the 6 outer pieces. Wall-facing 3 or you-facing 3, doesn’t really matter.

  • Iron the edges of the 4 connector pieces as shown below. This will make sure that you don’t need to fold anything while sewing to hide the raw edge.
  • Iron the hanging strip in the same way, making sure to fold and iron over both shorter edges as before.
  • Iron the three strips of bias tape in exactly the same way.

Step 3: SEWING:

  • Start by sewing along both edges of the 3 connector pieces and the hanging strip as shown in the picture. You will not sew the edges of the bias tape yet.

  • Put each of the main 3 pieces with the 3 wall-facing pieces WRONG sides together and sew with a quarter inch seam allowance. The bias tape will cover the edges later.
  • Now sew the bias tape along the sides of each of the three pocket holder pieces. It’s hard to describe it but basically what you do is, you put the middle crease of the bias tape with the edge of the pocket holder piece, folding the creased side edges of the bias tape symmetrically over the top and bottom of the pocket holder. In that way, when you sew along the top, the stitches appear exactly below securing the bias tape perfectly. I will assume that you did not understand of word of what I just said. In that case:

Take care when you come to the curving point. Stop sewing about an inch away and make an L by folding the bias tape like so:

Don’t worry if you can’t do it the first time. I, myself, did it on the third try. Your pocket holders should now look like this:

As you can see, I wasn’t satisfied with a single stitch so I doubled it and stuff. I’m paranoid like that. Also, the bias tape is about 4″ larger than the perimeter of these pieces so it would overlap where you started. Just sew over the first edge, make sure the second edge is folded inside and the raw side is hidden.

  • Once you’ve sewn bias tape all around the three pieces, it is time to attach the hanging strip. Pick one pocket holder piece and place it right side down. Now place both ends of the strip about a half an inch from the top edge and 2.5″ from the sides in such a way that all the strip is downwards. Pin the ends and fold them over, now sew over the strip in a rectangle securing it to what is going to be the top pocket holder piece. The strip should now be facing upwards.

(I should probably mention the fact that if you had ironed and sewn the strip as I had instructed, you would not need to fold the strip like I’m showing you now. I did it because I forgot to tuck in and sew the shorter edge so mine were raw. I folded them to hide the raw edges. So yeah, do that if your edges are raw, if not, just place the strip and sew.)

  • Place all the pocket pieces and their linings right sides together sewing with a quarter inch seam allowance. Leave about a 2 to 3 inch opening for turning the pieces inside out. Iron them and top stitch.

  • Now place the pockets on the pocket holder pieces positioning them in the middle. Pin them in place and sew the pockets. You will sew the sides and the bottom, not the top. That’d be silly.

  • Take two connector pieces and position them at the bottom of the back of one pocket holder piece, on both sides of the pocket but a little lower, close to the bias tape. Pin them if you want and sew them in place. Now take the other ends of the connector pieces and position them on the second pocket holder piece but at the top instead of the bottom. Repeat with the remaining pieces essentially joining all the pocket holders together into one glorious organizer. Voila!
This is my pocket holder’s backside. It’s backside. HA! That’s hilarious.
This is full frontal. LOL.

There you go! One pocket organizer locked and loaded. This was my first ever so I will be trying variations.

Also, this wasn’t as neat as I wanted it to be. My machine is from the Dark Ages and it broke about 453636 times while I was doing this project. Stupid old rust bucket.

I realize now that the words I was looking for in the beginning were “front” and “back”, not “wall-facing” and “you-facing”. They completely evaded my mind. Human brain does that sometimes. So this was the back and here is the front.

Really looks like a chalk board, doesn’t it? Weeeell, I tried. You cannot fault me for that. Let me know if you try it and show some pictures!


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Logan: The Lone Wolf of War

Ten years. That’s how long it’s been for me. Half of my life, if you will. I’ve watched this ageless man age and grow and suffer while kicking ass and taking names. I’ve loved him and cried for him and wanted nothing more than to just give him a hug. Before, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther and the Avengers, there were X-men. And among X-men, there was Wolverine. No one deserves such pain, especially a good man like him. A good man who just wanted to be left alone but got dragged back into the fight every time. He fought to be more than what they made him to be. He was … beautiful.

I saw the film two nights ago. It, as they say these days, slayed my very existence, shook me to my core, made me reminisce, nostalgic and so very, very sad. The film was depressingly brutal and beautifully fitting. For a man like Logan, this was truly how it could end, to die giving all he had left for someone else to live to fight another day. That sucker.

Now, I don’t know about you, but this makes my throat close up and gives me an uncontrollable urge to cry. Emphasis on the uncontrollable.

The movie begins with a sleeping Wolverine waking up to the sounds of thugs stealing the tires of his Limo. He tries, very nicely, to ask them to step away, they don’t, he tries again, less nicely this time, they beat him up, he flies into his trademark rage and tears them apart, defending himself.

If you have never seen or heard about Logan/Wolverine before which is EXTREMELY unlikely, this scene perfectly sums up his entire existence for you.

I don’t mind violence in a film, as in, if it’s rated R because of violence and language and not sexual content (prudish alert!), I will watch it given that it’s something I want to see, like this film. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Having said that, I don’t enjoy it. The sheer level of bloody murder and nasty ripping-open-flesh-and-bone action in this film had me like:

He’s limping around the entire length of the film, barely able to hold himself together and trying to take care of his beloved friend and mentor while being repeatedly shot at, stabbed, mutilated and kicked. LEAVE HIM ALONE. HE DIDN’T DESERVE ANY OF THIS. The whole film was emotional torture of the highest kind.

I’ve respected, admired, loved and rooted for this guy since I was ELEVEN. I’ve seen him go through shit and rise back up again, only to be put in the same shit in the next film. It went on and on but it was easier to ignore how lonely and miserable his life was because of the lightness of every film’s tone. It was virtually impossible to do that with this film, not only because it was darker, grittier and more realistic than all the rest with no humor whatsoever but also because Wolverine in this film is not what he once was, his prime long gone. I was hit and I was hit hard.

Another reason why I think he was subjected to violence more than the rest was due to the fact that he possessed healing abilities. Ooooh, this guy can’t be killed! So let’s choke the life out of him, let’s be as savage as possible. UGH. Watch this film and see what kind of impossible barbarity he was put through. And yet he ploughed on through life enduring shit after shit after shit.

“I’ve hurt people too.”
“You’re gonna have to learn how to live with that.”
“They were bad people.”
“All the same.”

This was perhaps the most beautiful conversation in the entire film, one that was mercilessly honest and gut-wrenching. Old man Logan gives his little girl advice, one that she’s going to need to remember in the future, one that is completely devoid of any sort of sugar-coating. Really, it would be wrong on so many levels if it was. The one giving it, the one it was being given to, the circumstances that lead to it, everything demanded it. There’s no “it’s going to be okay”, a hug or even a pat on the back. No, he’s straight as an arrow with Laura because he knows her life and sanity depends on it. That, and…

“Don’t be what they made you.”

Oh, don’t worry about me. Who needs a heart anyway?

With X-men he finally found a home, friends, loved ones, a place where he could live in peace. Never lasted very long, did it?

My familiarity with the character is restricted to the films alone. I haven’t seen the animated versions of him nor the comic book ones. For me, the only version of Wolverine that exists or matters is Hugh Jackman’s.

See? He was precious. He was frickin’ perfect. But what did they do, after decades of torture? They KILLED him. Oh, yeah. If you didn’t know and have just been spoiled, consider this my revenge.

Won’t lie, I was in denial when both Professor X and Logan died. With the Professor I thought it was a dream and with Logan I kept waiting for an end credits scene or his hand to suddenly pop out of the grave. Nah.

If I say anything more I’d essentially be repeating myself but here’s the last of it: I love you Logan/ James/ Wolverine, whatever you were called, and you would always be my hero.



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Phone Case/Wallet/Purse Sewing Tutorial

It’s been a while since I did my first written sewing tutorial post. The first one was about book sleeves in case you didn’t know which you probably did not. I have been busy with making things for my shop plus getting some custom orders plus running two Instagram pages. It’s a welcome busy-ness. Get it? That was one of my better ones.

Anyhoo, there’s this piece of fabric that I bought two months ago and it straight up refuses to finish. I’ve cut and cut and cut so many things and even now there still are 6,7 scraps left. This particular project was made out of desperation (IMMA USE ALL OF YOU, YOU STUPID PIECE OF CLOTH) and also a sudden burst of inspiration. The design is by no means a 100% original or unheard of but I did come up with it all on my own so I guess that’s what matters.

My inspiration for this project comes from Professor Pincushion, the Crafty Gemini and the Style Novice, whose videos I watch on Youtube.


  • Two large pieces of fabric that will be the main pieces. It really depends on the size of your phone. Measure the length and width of your device, double the width and add two inches to each dimension. For instance, if the phone is 6″ x 4″, double the width, making it 8″ and then add 2″ to each measurement: the final dimensions for the two main pieces would be:

8″ x 10″

  • Cut a piece of interfacing with the same measurements.
  • You’ll also need to put a tab inside the two pieces, that would make carrying the phone case easier. Cut a rectangular piece 6.5″ x 3″.
  • To secure the case while it’s closed, you’ll need some hook and loop tape that’d be sewn onto a flap. The flap needs to be about 4″ x 3″.
  • Aside from the main phone pocket, I made three additional pockets on the right side for money/cards/coins etc. It’s your choice really, the number and size of pockets you may need.
  • For the phone pocket, cut a piece measuring 7″ x 4.5″ and for the three smaller pockets 3″ x 4.5″.


  • Apply the interfacing on one of the large pieces.
  • Prepare the tab and the flap in the same way: fold them in half length-wise and press. Open the crease and place both corners on the middle crease, press again. Now fold the two corners on top of one another and sew along both sides.
  • Take the large pocket piece and fold the top about half an inch in and sew on the edge. Then, do the same thing to the right edge of the pocket.
  • Do the same thing with the three smaller pockets but fold their left edges instead of right.
  • Now pin the pockets on the large piece with the interfacing like shown above. Remember, for the wallet pockets, place a pocket on top first, then the middle and lastly on the bottom.
  • Align the pockets so that they are about one inch below the top edge of the main piece.
  • Now sew all the pocket pieces with a basting stitch. The sides you folded are the ones which will show on the inside of the case. The unfolded ones will just be sewed in the seam allowance and you won’t even see them.
  • Fold the main piece in half to create a crease in the middle.
  • Once you have stitched all the pockets on the inside of the case, take the tab and put both sides about half an inch away from the middle crease. One end of the tab should be on the left and one on the right. Make sure that the tab is facing inwards not outwards. Pin in place.
  • Place the hook and loop tape on the inner corner of the flap and like the tab, align it in the middle, but on the right edge of the main inner piece. Like the tab, it should be going inside not outside. Pin in place.
  • Place the other outer main piece right side facing down with the right side of the inner main piece facing up. Before you stuff the flap inside and pin, figure out to what point the flap will reach once you have sewn all the sides. Mark that point and sew the other piece of hook and loop tape on top.
  • Now with both pieces right sides together, tab and flap inside pinned, leaving about a three inch gap, sew all the sides with a half inch seam allowance. Back stitch at the beginning and at the end.
  • Turn it inside out, press and top stitch along all four sides, stitching the open gap closed.

I hope you enjoyed this! If you have any questions please ask in the comments below!


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The Goodreads Book Tag!

Oh, yeah! I’m on a roll. Start one book tag, you’ll start another and then it’s a blog filled with tags and nothing else. Kidding, I don’t intend to do that but I won’t deny that these are literal life savers when you can’t think of anything else to post.

As usual, I did not wait for anyone to tag me, nor am I ever going to. I’ve been on good-goody-Goodreads for a long time now and as such, I consider it my obvious right to do this tag.

For this particular tag, I’m going to annoy you with the screenshots of my Goodreads profile as answers to the tag questions. Let us begin!


What was the last book you marked as ‘Read’?

It was the end of a very entertaining trilogy and part of a series I’ve come to love with all my heart. Check Angie Sage out!


What are you ‘Currently Reading’?

I have high hopes for this. I’m still figuring it out and so far it’s been interesting.


What was the last book you marked as ‘To Be Read’?

After Illuminae, I’ll gladly read whatever she writes.


What book do you plan to read next?

Well, after I’m done with the Summoner trilogy by Taran Matharu, there are a couple of series I wish to start. I think I’ll probably go for either Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson, A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness or Flame in the Mist. One of those three. Haven’t made up my mind yet, I have a trilogy to finish first.


Do you use the star rating system?

Sweet relief, I finally get to talk about my rating system without sounding like a pompous imp (and here’s my personal opinion on telling people your rating system in your profile on Goodreads. Like, why should anyone even care? Am I the president of the world?). Seriously, I don’t like it when people talk about their rating systems and I avoid doing things to other people I don’t like being done to me, but here I have to answer a question, SO

My rating history, I’ve rated 340 books so far.

My rating system is kind of a mix between the rating stars and the shelves I put the book in. Both of these things determine the level of enjoyment I got from the book. For instance, I have two shelves called what-the-garbage and I-dunno-why-I-bothered (stop laughing), these are both low level shelves for books that I hated but with a subtle difference. A one-star what-the-garbage book is infinitely worse than a one-star I-dunno-why-I-bothered book. Same principle with other high level shelves. And then of course, there are the books you put in the same shelf but with different ratings. So a 2-star what-the-garbage book would be equal to a one-star I-dunno-why-I-bothered book. To top it all of, I sometimes put book in multiple shelves and considering the fact that my shelves are based on specific feelings rather than general things, that might make it all the more confusing for anyone but me.

As to why I put books in particular shelves and with particular ratings: I have NO clear cut answer to that and there can’t ever be one. It’s something totally unique to everyone. I rate books depending on how I ‘feel’, which is as subjective as it gets.


Are you doing a 2017 reading challenge?

I used to be paranoid about this in the beginning but now I’ve entered the chill mode.


Do you have a wishlist?

That’s a funny question. Why, yes, I do. It looks something like this:

No, but seriously, the Goodreads tbr is one big wishlist, isn’t it? I don’t keep any other besides that.

It is but a drop of the ocean…


What book do you plan to buy next?

  • Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
  • Immortal Heights (Falling Kingdoms # 6)

Who are your favorite authors?

Oooooooooh. SO MANY!
J.K Rowling, Marissa Meyer, Rick Riordan, Suzanne Collins, Victoria Schwab, Soman Chainani, Ryan Graudin, Jay Kristoff, Amie Kauffman, Leigh Bardugo, Diana Wynne Jones, Angie Sage, Nemrah Ahmed, Umera Ahmed, Farhat Ishtiaq, Sumaira Hameed, Morgan Rhodes, Altaf Fatima, Katherine Arden, Laini Taylor and many more.

What are your favorite quotes?

I honestly do not keep track of those like this. I read a book and if I like a passage or a line, well, I just do and that’s it. I don’t memorize them. Here’s one I liked on Goodreads:

Deep, wouldn’t you say?

How many shelves do you have on Goodreads?

16 total. Feast your eyes:

Mother-of-all-books-sweet-and-pure has all Harry Potter books. It is the highest and mightiest shelf of them all and is above the number 1. Basically, there can be no other book in that shelf. Period.

Have you joined any groups?

I have joined only two but I’ve been invited to a couple more, none of which I accepted. I am active a little on the Pakistani Readers group. Between reading, sewing, bookstagramming and blogging, can you even expect me to?


I hereby tag anyone and everyone who is reading this to do this, if you’re the sort who waits to be tagged. Have fun and leave a comment!

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“Wish Upon A Stitch” – My New Shop!

Aah! That might be the dumbest and most uninteresting title anyone has ever come up with but bear with me, I can’t think of anything descriptive that is simultaneously creative and not misleading. Whatever with the title. I JUST OPENED AN ONLINE SHOP! IT IS LIVE AND RUNNING!!!!!!

I shipped my first order two days ago and it reached the customer yesterday. If I knew how to dance and it wasn’t Ramazan and I actually liked dancing, I would have busted out some serious moves. Because HOLY JOLLY ROGER, I can make money now!

I’d like to know if there is a better deal than getting paid for doing what you love. THERE IS NONE. Zilch.
It wasn’t simple as I originally thought it would be and it certainly wasn’t easy but slowly things came together and now here we are. Alhamdulillah for that!

You’re probably wondering at this point about the nature of the shop, like what am I even selling?! I’ll tell you, cupcakes, hold on to your horses. Wish Upon A Stitch (a name that I cam up with after thinking for a day and a half) is a crafts shop, hand made items of all kind in the future but right now just hand-sewn fabric accessories like zipper pouches, wallets, bags and book sleeves. It’s basically a new born baby right now but once I get my shit together, I plan on adding knitted and crocheted items (courtesy of my mother as I don’t knit) and hand-painted bookmarks.

The shop is on (you’ll find the link in the menu above) and I’ve also started an Instagram account to promote it (which you can see down below in the widget to the bottom right of the page). Check both out for deets.

Two and a half years ago, I couldn’t even sew. It was something I never thought I would do, let alone fall in love with. I took a three month course at a nearby institute and failed the test at the end of it. Naturally, I was discouraged. For months and months I didn’t even look at the sewing machine. Picked it up a few times in between but gave up quickly. Then, about 8 months ago in October, I decided to make a zipper pouch as a wedding gift for a friend. It was the first time I tried it and it looked good!

Then of course I went on a rampage, watching Youtube tutorials and obsessively sewing the life out of that machine. There was no where for that stuff to go because even though I absolutely LOVED making those things, I had no use for them. So I started giving them away to friends, family, neighbors, you get my drift. However, there’s a limit to generosity and mine in particular, being the hot-headed, close to bursting volcano that I  am. I started to get this itch at the back of my mind. I thought to myself, “Dude, people are greedy. Charge them!” I patted myself on the back for this rational line of thinking, woman-ed up and uploaded a product for listing on Kaymu. That was early March.

A boxed zipper pouch I made. My sister wanted it so I relented.

The first few items I uploaded were rejected. Then, out of nowhere, I get this phone call and email in mid-May informing me that my listings had been approved and that my shop was now open. From then till a few days ago I had been hard at work trying to set everything up. I’m proud to say that even though I had help, I did not just sit back and let others do it.

I do not entirely feel useless now. Feels like I’ve accomplished something. It’s productive, it keeps me busy and excited and it will, given time, allow me to afford all those books, book merch and stationary stuff I’m always craving for. I’ve never had huge dreams like say, becoming a doctor or an engineer or a degree holder but I did dream of opening my own craft store someday and alhamdulillah, I did!

So the bottom line is, dear children, once you’ve figured out what you want in life, go at it with pickaxes screaming bloody murder.


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Magic, dreams, wonder, chaos, epic tales and gobbledygook: Welcome to Saratopia!

Greetings, dear reader! Congratulations, for you have entered the sacred space that is A Gypsy Sorceress’s Library!

Extricate yourself from under that title and we’ll begin! In case you’re curious, yes, I did come up with that dumb name all by myself. I (may) have many strong suits, but as you can see by looking at this blog, subtlety isn’t one of them. I’ve been meaning to start up a blog for a while now. I was aiming at a sophisticated and chic looking space but what I ended up with resembles some kind of a messy witch’s den. I didn’t set this blog up, I straight up decorated it.

I guess it’s because I find it extremely difficult to leave white spaces. I first noticed it a while back when I was making cards. I made something in the middle of the card and left the sides untouched. It was insufferable. The next day I filled up all the corners with doodles. There wasn’t even a shred of white left. So there you go.

Now, what should I talk about in here? You’ll find an About page and a Contact page around here somewhere where I’ve described myself as coherently as I could. There are links at the bottom of the page that lead to other Social Media sites I use. So, um, yeah, there’s that.

The first thing I should get into is explaining ‘what-is-what-and-why-is-it-so-annoying-here’. I was reading, actually, I’m still reading, The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy while adding widgets to this blog and in that book Apollo has a really vexing talking arrow from a sacred grove of trees that speaks in Shakespearean. So that gave me the idea to write every widget title in Old Speak. Admit it, it’s hilarious.

I mean…

What is this blog going to be about?

I might have mentioned that I have a passionate love for books? Starting a book blog crossed my mind but I feel that it’s restrictive. Also, it is not the only thing that defines me or that I enjoy doing. I take up crafty projects from time to time and I’d love for the opportunity to discuss them. Plus, there are TV shows, movies and the general topics one might wish to discuss like ‘Why is the Sun so hot?’ or ‘Top 10 ways I’d like to die’. The point I’m trying (and failing) to make is that this will be an “All-in-One” kinda blog, it will NOT solely be about books.
You can expect book reviews, reviews of TV shows I like, the craft project I am working on, stuff about my family or anything really.

I guess that’s it! So welcome to A Gyps-, you know what? I’m not gonna repeat that. Just welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Sara (without an ‘h’ which is always cooler)