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Death Note: Our Dark Duet – Episodes 2 to 5 Review

No, I haven’t read Victoria Schwab’s Monsters of Verity duology but I think the second book’s title fits here perfectly. Light Yagami has made an enemy and they are dancing around each other, taking equal steps to uncover each other’s identities to take the other person down because as they both declare at the end of the second episode: they are “justice”.

I’ve seen 4 more episodes and they are titled:

  • “Taiketsu” (対決) / “Confrontation”
  • “Torihiki” (取引) / “Dealings”
  • “Tsuiseki” (追跡) / “Pursuit”
  • “Kakehiki” (駆引) / “Tactics”

Here’s a brief summary of all four episodes:

Light’s obsessive scribbling into the death note doesn’t go unnoticed, there is some concept of right and wrong left in the world after all. So even though he is killing off criminals who he deems “vermin” the world would be better off without, the law doesn’t agree. They bring in “L”, a notorious detective with a 100% success rate in all the cases he has ever taken and he’s given charge of the case.
What these episodes do is prove how disturbingly intelligent and perceptive Light, who is now being called “Kira” (Japanese for “killer”) by the masses, and the mysterious L are.
They go back and forth, making their moves, seemingly defeating the other until he strikes back and again and again and again it goes.

Ryuk’s amusement knows no end. The shinigami is enjoying himself and that is what he wanted in the first place. His brethren in their world made an interesting comment about him having another Death Note. Ryuk, you sneaky little bastard. He informs Light about some more rules and Light himself does a shit ton of horrible experimentation to test the Death Note’s limitations. The death god also makes an offer which is as ghastly and sickeningly fascinating as his face:

The shinigami can see a person’s name and life-span by looking at their faces and their eyes can be exchanged for half of the person’s life span, thus giving that person the power to know someone’s name just by looking at their faces.

Surprisingly, Light refused. His reasoning was perfectly sensible and equally twisted; if he’s to be the god of this perfect new world, he needs to live long. Funny that I’ve just read a book about villains and anti-heroes to stumble straight into this.

So the new rules were:

There were a couple more about shinigami in particular, how they don’t interfere with the person who has the Death Note and how they increase their life span by either making nefarious deals with humans or if one dies before their time is up, taking the remaining years for themselves.

Light took a step too far. Not that he was being entirely sane in the first place. He is the chief of police‘s son, for the love of God, has a sister and an adoring mother. WHAT is the guy’s deal? What’s the reason behind his God-complex? I’m understanding his psyche I just don’t get why. So what did he do that was a step too far? He killed all the FBI agents in Japan involved in his investigation just ’cause they were. Bye bye sticking to criminals alone.

L looks like a homeless teenager so far. He sits down in front of the computer on the floor in an otherwise bare room, is bare feet and walks like a zombie. His name starts with L, just like Light. How curious.

My interest is developing for sure.

Rating (for all 4 episodes): 3.75/5


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